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Thesis Examination Process

PhD students must take part in a conference or symposium in the subject relevant to students’ areas of specialization at least once a year, or publish a least one paper in a Thai language journal on findings of the research upon its completion, and publish at least one article, based on research findings, in an international journal or equivalent. And the journal has to be peer reviewed.

                Remark: In the case that the student is only enrolled in coursework and passes all the examinations for those courses but is unable to successfully complete a thesis, the faculty will consider awarding an M.Econ degree


Choice I

·         publish 1 paper in a national  journal

·         publish 1 article in an international journal

·         thesis


Choice II

·         publish 3 articles in an international journal

·         combine 3 published articles to be thesis

***these 3 published articles must to be the same area and related***

Appointment of the Thesis Defense Committee

                The chairperson of the appropriate Graduate Study Committee will appoint a thesis defense committee composed of not less five members; with at least three regular instructors in the same or related field of study and at least one expert from outside the university.

                Main/coordinate thesis advisors have a responsibility to always participate in the defense as defense committee members or parties attending, but none of them may be the defense committee chairperson.

                The expert from outside the university may be a retired instructor and can be the thesis defense committee chairperson.

                Thesis defense committee members are composed of regular instructor(s) and special advisor(s) from outside the university. A committee member must hold a doctoral degree or its equivalent must hold at least a position of associate professor and have research experience separate from that accomplished as part of a degree-seeking study in that  particular or related field of the curriculum. In the case that a special institute from outside the university is not affiliated to a tertiary-level educational institution, he/she must be an expert in the field. The committee members must have thorough knowledge in the content and examination methodology of the thesis.

                Main or coordinate thesis advisors have a responsibility to always participate in thesis defense. The advisors may participate in the defense as examination committee members as parties attending but none of them may be the defense committee chairperson.



Student’s process

Writing thesis

Do research by follow your thesis advisor and thesis manual

Thesis defense committee

Chairperson will appoint all the thesis defense committee


Thesis defense

Make appointment with the committee members, by informing them about time, day and place


Give your draft thesis to the committee members before defense


Fill the Thesis defense Requirement form before 2 weeks


Submit the approval page for correcting the format


Prepare food or snake and drink to committee


When finished the defending, the student must ask the committee to sign on the approval page (only the real signature)

Student’s Anticipation

Fill the student anticipation form at Registration office, then give a receive copy to the officer at the faculty

unbounded thesis

Amend the draft thesis to incorporate the corrections, amendments and suggestions of the thesis advisors, under the direct supervision of the chairperson


Submit the draft to the officer for correcting the format


Submit abstract in Thai and English version each 3 of those

Checking the abstract and thesis

Before bounding, submit the abstract, approval page and thesis to the Graduate School’s officer to correcting the format, then they will stamp the symbol on the abstract


Submit the stamped abstract to the faculty’s officer


The Graduate School’s officer will give the letter “submit the complete thesis” (use for submitting to the STSC)


Make the CD cover in 6 copies


Advisor sign in every copy (real signature)


Write all the thesis data on 1 CD in WORD file

Bounded thesis

Go to the Book Center, Science and Technology Service Center (STSC), 1st floor, Chemistry Building1, Faculty of Science with following documents:

Ø  a thesis data CD

Ø  6 CD covers with the signature

Ø  the letter “submit the complete thesis” from the Graduate School

Ø  fee (depend on your thesis and number)

Ø  complete thesis


STSC will give the receive (please show to them when you come to get the thesis)


Give the STSC’s receive to the faculty’s officer

Reporting of the thesis defense result

Submit these following document to the officer:

Ø  published papers

Ø  acceptance letter

Ø  Journal’s cover

Ø  the list of content

Final bound thesis

Submit your final bound thesis to these person:

Ø  thesis committee (5)

Ø  officer (then pass to the library)

In case of problem

If there are any problems with the bounced thesis, you need to fill the requirement form at the Graduate school, and then ask your advisor to sign. Submit to the Graduate school

Changing the topic

In case of a change of the thesis topic, approved by the thesis defense committee, the main thesis advisor must submit the request to change the topic at the sometime submitting the report of the defense result