The Faculty of Economics at Chiang Mai University (CMU) is the only public educational institution in Northern Thailand that offers training in economics at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Its aims are to promote education, impart knowledge of economics, and produce academicians and professional economists to meet the demands of both government and private agencies in Thailand, particularly the northern region, as well as throughout Asia. The undergraduate economics degree program began in 1964.

There are several philosophical mandates underlying the creation in 2006 of a new English-language, international-quality Ph.D. program to attract high calibre candidates from all over Asia. First, the Faculty of Economics at Chiang Mai University holds that economics educator should aim at training a world-class economist with profound potential and leadership skills and bearing moral and ethical responsibilities in response to their country’s and the region’s constantly changing needs. Secondly, the Faculty of Economics believes that the economics profession should focus on producing highly-trained personnel who are knowledgeable of theory, analysis, and practical applications.

CMU Economics PhD graduates will thus be personnel who understand their country’s and the region’s economy and can competently carry out economic research and teaching.



  • Ph.D. in Sufficiency Economy Admission (please see the Attachment) 

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