Hello, I'm Arti!

It was great working on the Data Visualization challenge #2 over on the awesome Pointy Haired Dilbert blog. This was my first attempt at a data viz challenge, and I hope my intentions come through in the dashboard.  Feel free to leave your comments, questions, any feedback on this page.

Here's the snippet I had in mind while designing the dashboard (my emphasis) -

You have to make a chart (or dashboards) using this data that would help a senior manager understand how the sales people have done in the 24 months.

The dashboard is entirely in Excel 2007, no macros, but with a liberal helping of pivot tables and nested formulae. I've made two big assumptions in designing this dashboard - that senior managers will prefer looking at data filtered by Customer Type (Enterprise, Galaxy, Planet) and Region (North, East, West, South), and that they would like the flexibility to change Products and/or SalesPersons.

So, if you try to select more than one Region or Customer Type, you'll break my dashboard. :)  Resist the temptation.

I'll take this space to give a shout-out to PHD/Chandoo and Jon Peltier, whose work I've tried my best to absorb and incorporate in this dashboard. (@Chandoo, I hear you on the big charting boo-boo of modifying the axes. I've still gone and done it  - hopefully y'all won't be too harsh?)

        Link to PDF File - http://bit.ly/DataVizPDF

        Link to Excel Workbook (.xlsx) - http://bit.ly/DataVizXLSX

Screen shot - click to enlarge

Don't forget to leave your comments, thoughts, suggestions, feedback, or just a hello in the comment form on this page.


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