“If you have appliance repairs, and you're reading this, you've found the needle in the haystack. Congratulations! It is refreshing to find a workman that you trust.”  - Terri F., Laguna Hills, customer

"I've been using this company for a few years and I'm highly satisfied with their services. Most important to me is their outstanding diagnostic capability. They never leave a complicated issue unresolved and always managed to find the root cause of malfunction. No matter what time they spend working on the issue they charge reasonable price for the service. Excellent education of the guy providing the service put him above and beyond the most of other appliance services. PHD in the company name has been well deserved." - Victor M., Mission Viejo, Customer

"EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE! My refrigerator had Failed! I needed a repairman in a hurry! I looked one up as listed in Yellow Pages. I had contacted several repair services before finding one that was reasonably priced! PHD Appliance Service's price for a house visit and repair cost estimate was nearly 1/2 the quoted price of any of the others that I had called! I called PHD at 12:00 PM and a repairman was scheduled to arrive between 3:00 - 5:00 PM. I received courtesy call at 2:45 advising me that he would arrive in about 15 minutes! Promptly, at 3:00 repairman, Alex, arrived. Ten minutes later, I had an estimate on the repair with an intelligent explanation of the cause of the failure! He explained the two possibilities of components that might have to be replaced in order to effect the repair. I am a mechanical engineer and it is pretty hard for a repairman to BS me. Alex knew his stuff and impressed me very much! He also pointed out that I had plastic water line to the refrigerator's ice maker and that they were prone to cracking. He recommended replacement with a stainless steel line for greater reliability against flooding of my floor! I took his advice, since the price and installation was quite reasonable. It took nearly two hours to do a through job of repair and clean-up, including cleaning all the dust and grime out from around the working components of the refrigerator! He explained that I need to clean the dust out of the air intake at the bottom-front of the refrigerator at least once a year. This would probably have prevented the failure! In the future, I plan to clean the intake each time the ice maker's water filter requires replacement! When he was all finished, everything was clean and working like new! The total repair cost where about 3/4 of what I was expecting to have to pay, as based upon experiences with other appliance repairs! I intend to call PHD Appliance Service for all my future appliance repairs! I am sure they have several good repairmen, but I would enjoy seeing Alex arrive again, he has a great sense of humor and laughed at all my dumb jokes, even while he is busy making repairs!" - Robert H., Mission Viejo, customer

"PHD Appliance provides excellent, honest, prompt, and friendly service. I've used them twice, and I've been 100% satisfied each time. Highly recommended"- Craig B., Laguna Hills, Customer