Mrs. Waltenbaugh Physical Science

 Lesson Plans


Week One:  Guidelines and Expectations - GUIDELINES FOR PHYSICAL SCIENCE.rtf/ Introduction to Physical Science-Chemistry  The Nature of Science Notes.doc

Week Two:  Introduction to Lab Safety Rules and Lab Write-up Procedures - LAB WRITE-UPS for Physical Science.doc Observation and Measurement Labs and Explanation of MSDS information

Week Three:  Matter and Energy/Elements, Compounds MATTERslides.ppt

Week Four: Mixtures and Phase Changes - continued with lab support

Week Five:  Atoms and The Periodic Table AtomicStructureNotes.doc

Week Six:  Nuts and Bolts of Chemistry/Formation of Ions and Compound Building/Lab, DVD, and Model support; Time will be given for "Technology Projects" research during this week or week seven. 

Week Seven:  The Structure of Matter The Structure of MatterPOWER POINT.ppt

Week Eight:  Ionic and Covalent Bonding/Compound Naming and formula Writing - CH 4 continued and "Technology Projects" will be presented (no paper).

Week Nine:  Chemical Reactions/Five Main Types Chemical Reactions.ppt

Week Ten: Balancing Chemical Reactions/Equilibrium -  continued with lab support

Week Eleven:  Solutions, Acids, and Bases - ACID BASE NOTES.doc

Week Twelve:  Nuclear Changes - and Final Review of all covered chapters - SemesterReviewNotes.doc