Chemistry Homework
Trimester #1

General Overview:

In the first trimester, we will cover Chs 1-4 briefly as it was covered in the 9th grade Physical Science-C course.  We will continue in more depth with compound writing and chemical reactions.  We will combine The Periodic Table and Periodic Law.  We will finish the first 12 weeks with Empirical  and MolecularFormulas and Percent Composition.

Chemistry homework will be given at about 1-2 assignments per week.  I will try to give the assignments early in the week to respect those of you having activities, sports, or work commitments so that you may adjust your week accordingly. 

Many of the assignments will be teacher created handouts.  Some will be from end of the chapter discussion questions or problems.  Some will be applications of the curriculum presented.

Labs will be done at about the rate of one per week and the lab write-ups will be due one week from the day the lab is conducted.  See Lab Write-ups link below. 


Any additional assignments will be added given to you as the weeks progress in a timely fashion.

I am always available for help or questions of any kind.  I am very approachable.