Science With Mrs. Waltenbaugh
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Student Corner:


Mrs. Pamela R. Waltenbaugh

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General Info:

During the school year of 2013-2014 I will be teaching a total of 12 science classes at Cloverleaf High school.

Seven of the classes will be Physical Science - C (Chemistry) classes, consisting mostly of ninth graders.  These classes are offered for one trimester only and involve bookwork, notes, discussion, group work, lab work, graphics, and some independent study relating to the basics of chemistry at an introductory level.

Two more of the classes will be standard chemistry classes, consisting primarily of juniors and seniors.  These classes involve chemistry at a more sophisticated level with much more depth than the Physical Science-C does.  I will be teaching both the Chemistry I (first 12 week) and the Chemistry I (second 12 week) curriculum.

Two other classes will be Applied Science classes, primarily consisting of juniors and seniors as well.  There is a lot of hands-on lab work, independent study, project work, presentations and application of science in a very practical way.