Our Story

How John made me say YES (in his own words)... 

Chance Meetings

Of course, if you know Sheri and I, we both are very competitive people, so there is an argument of who saw the other first. Since I am writing this portion, I clearly saw her first. My first impression... She was tall. We met through some joint friends, and the initial stages of getting to know each other was anything but storybook. Basically, she thought I was a stuck-up, conceited young intern, and she wanted nothing to do with me. Two things were against me ever getting to know her: she had given up dating doctors and she found my witty remarks less than funny, at least at first.

We had frequent brief encounters while both working on the floors at Le Bonheur Children's Medical Center, and over time she began to change... She more firmly thought I was someone to be avoided. I guess some of the remarks such as, "There is a patient in that room!" when she was looking at a chart at the nurses' station, just did not make her day.

I thought she was intriguing and wanted to get to know her better, therefore I had to change my approach. I decided to take a more immature, yet still cocky approach. I wrote little notes and handed them to her while she was on rounds with her team. One said, "You look so hot in that long white coat." and the other was "It's so sad how bad you want me!" Even though she rolled her eyes every time I did that, unbelievably, this worked. She started getting funny feelings in her stomach when she would see me and she didn't know why. We started to see each other outside of the hospital at some group outings and began to have more of an interest in getting to know each other.
Her First Mistake

One night, while sitting in the workroom in the Special Care Unit at LeBonheur finishing some notes, I called to talk to Sheri. It was not a very important conversation until the very end. However, to truly understand the importance, you are going to need some back story.

We had been dating for a few months when I started telling Sheri "I love you." It was early in our relationship, but I felt a strong connection between us, and to me, it felt good to let her know how I felt. This action of mine scared her. She had just gotten out of a long-term relationship when we first met and was not ready for love. Therefore, I asked her not to tell me until she felt she was ready.

So, back to that night in the Special Care Unit... At the end of the phone call, we said our goodbyes, and I said "I love you," to which she quickly replied "Love you too!" and hung up. By the time she realized what she had done her phone was already ringing again. It was me on the other end with a smile so big I wish she could have seen it. I knew then, she was starting to really believe in us.
Beside the Burning Water

Every year, Le Bonheur holds a dinner program celebrating the pediatric residents and graduates called "The Duck Dinner." After the dinner, a group of us decided to go to Beale Street and have a few drinks at Pat O'Briens. We were all sitting up on the patio next to the flaming fountain. From our friends, Stamps and Riker, performing earlier in the evening, to the good dinner and getting to spend time with one another, it had been a great night. However, the night got even better. I looked at Sheri at one point during the night and said 'I Love you." The difference was, for the first time, I heard her whole-heartedly say "I love you too." It was a moment I will never forget.
She Keeps Messing It Up

The proposal was anything but simple. After my many failed ideas of what to do, I decided to ask her to marry me one weekend when she came up to Memphis to visit. I had these great plans to get her to downtown Memphis by going to see a movie, then I was going to get her to go to Pat O'Briens and ask her to marry me where she first told me she loved me. Unfortunately, I guess I was not acting as cool as I thought I was and she started asking questions. I had already made dinner plans for the evening at Folks Folly (she did not know this was going to be an engagement dinner). As she was finishing getting ready for dinner, she asked, "How does this look?" I replied, "I don't know, it seems like something's missing." She turned from the mirror wondering what was missing and found me on one knee with the answer.