“Clinical Research Workshop”

(Co-sponsored by ICMR)

19-21 November, 2009


National Workshop on Clinical Research at CMC

A three days Clinical Research Workshop, sponsored by Indian Council of Medical research (ICMR) was inaugurated at CMC by Dr. Abraham G. Thomas, Director, CMC, Ludhiana. Dr. Thomas while inaugurating the workshop emphasised the need for training in clinical research. Dr. S.M. Bhatti, Principal, CMC extended a warm welcome to all the delegates and speakers and said that CMC has started this workshop with a view to strengthen the researchers in the conduct of clinical trials as India has become hub for the clinical trials. Dr. Kanwal Maseeh, medical superintendent informed that the clinical research has become important for the scientists as they are getting more involved in the actual conduct of these studies. Dr. Dinesh Badyal, Organising Secretary of workshop and Head of Pharmacology department informed that more than 70 delegates from various parts of India as well as from overseas countries are participating in the workshop.  He added that the number of clinical trials being done in India has increased tremendously in the last 4 years, hence there is increased need to train our researchers in the areas of conduct of clinical research as well as clinical trials. He added that the development of a new drug now needs approximately US$1200 million and 16 years of time. The three day event will highlight the important advancements in planning, designing and conduct of clinical research.  The workshop will also have group work sessions where participants will actually get involved on the various processes of clinical trials.  The speakers for the workshop are drawn from an expert pool of clinical researcher who has special expertise in the clinical research. These speakers are from major pharmaceutical industry as well as from reputed Institutes. On day one Dr. Rajesh Karan from Hyderabad explained the Good Clinical Practice Guidelines of India and Dr. MC Gupta from Rohtak told about designing protocols for research projects. Dr Jugesh Chattwal from CMC emphasised the role of ethics in research and Dr. CM Kamaal from Clinical Research Board explained about various clinical research programs in India. Dr. Uma Tekur from  New Delhi provided important information about the role of various national bodies in the clinical research. Dr. Gagandeep, Joint Organising Secretary informed that there is a lot of scope to get grants for the research, hence the workshop will also train delegates on how to write to national bodies to get grants for clinical research. During the event the inaugural issue of national level journal “The Clinical Researcher” was released by Dr. SM Bhatti, Principal, CMC.  Dr. Badyal, editor of the journal informed that the journal is the official journal of Clinical Research Board and will be published quarterly from editorial office at Department of Pharmacology, CMC.

Clinical research has assumed tremendous importance in the recent years. India has become the hub for global clinical research and the field of clinical research is developing by leaps & bounds. Hence, it has become very relevant that the health professions are well aware of the the finer details of the principles of clinical research.

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Dr. Dinesh Badyal

Organising Secretary,

Professor & Head,

Department of Pharmacology

Christian Medical College, Ludhiana


Organised by

Department of Pharmacology

Christian Medical College  & Hospital

Ludhiana, Punjab-141008

Venue:  Guy Constable Auditorium, Second floor, 

CMC Hospital, Ludhiana

10 Credit hours awarded by Punjab Medical Council


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Organising Committee


  Dr. Abraham G. Thomas

  Director, CMC Ludhiana

Dr. S.M. Bhatti  

  Principal, CMC Ludhiana


  Organising Secretary

   Dr. Dinesh Badyal

   Professor and Head,

   Department of Pharmacology 

   Christian Medical College, 



  Joint Organising Secretary

Dr. Gagandeep  Kwatra  



  Dr. Ashish Maseeh 


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   Dr. Gagandeep Kwatra

   Dr. Jasleen Narula

  Dr. Jyotika Singh 



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