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Site from where Acetyl Choline is released to act as neurotransmitter-Pre or Postganglionic?

"PreACh ":
From all Pre ganglionic fibres of ANS, Acetyl Choline ( ACh ) is released

Inhibition of Choline uptake during ACh synthesis

" HICUp ":
Hemicholinium Inhibits Acetyl Choline Uptake
Choline Uptake is the rate limiting step in ACh synthesis

Botulinus toxin: action

"Botulism Bottles up the Ach":
Action: Botulinus toxin Bottles up the Ach so it can't be the released

Cholinergic receptors


Muscarinic :G protein coupled
Nicotinic :Ligand gated ion channel

Receptors on Heart

" Hearts Marry 2 Be 1 ":

M2 (cholinergic receptor) and B1 (adrenergic receptor)

Beta 1 also acts on JG cells of the kidney


" Autoreceptors ":
The to rhymes with 2
So the Autoreceptors are Alpha 2 (cholinergic pathway)and M2 (adrenergic pathway)

Cholinergic agonists

" ChollAMiCaBle PAMela " ( Read as "Call amicable pamela ")
Esters : ACh ,Methacholine ,Carbechol ,Bethanechol
Alkaloids :Pilocarpine, Arecoline, Muscarine

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