Following God's Revelation I experienced a vision in which I re-trod my journey to God accompanied by a group of souls I had challenged to travel with me without a Bible, Hymn, or, Prayer Book. 'It isn't possible!' cry, Bible Fundamentalists! 'But God is personal to each and everyone of us.' I reply.  Why don't you come on this journey to find out the Truth of Life? Can you cross The Bridge of Honesty? Pass through the Archway of Truth? Survive the Pleasure Town? Will you become trapped in the Tunnel of the Dead? Can you recognise Angels of the Night disguised as Angels of Light? Can you see the many other Satanic Traps?'

The Greatest Adventure Of Them All


If you are reading these words, the above thoughts have most likely been yours if you wonder about the Truth of Life such as:-

The wonder of Creation? Why Love does cause elation?

Who we are and why, there is earth and moon and sky?

Why a God whom we defy? And is there now,

Only one God to whom we may bow?

Is death the end? Have we rights to defend?

Where we have been, before on earth our form is seen?

Why evil is there? Why man and woman make a pair?

Where we are from and who's sowing,

What we reap and where we're going?

Who is right? Who is wrong?

Why some are weak or strong? Where do we really belong?

Why Holy Scriptures tell, so much and we don't understand them well?

What is Truth? Where is the proof?

Why some are rich and some are poor? Can we ever be sure?

Why religion in many lands, tell of different Saviours' hands?

Why wars and toil and strife? What really is Eternal Life?

Why doesn't God let us see, or why doesn't He leave us be?

Why are there stars and sun? Who's lost the battle, who's really won?

What is space - should we be there? Is sex a part of the Holy Fare?

Should we be here at all?

Would it be better to be dead? What is it that we are fed?

What are Holy Men and who, is Jesus Christ, is all that true?

Is it a myth that men, create to make believe that then,

They find some reason for living? And tell of the virtues of giving?

If some give, others receive. What can we really believe?

To this and so much more, to find truth in the Bible we could forever pore.

Yet if we obey God's Law,

And only to Him speak, He will tell us what we seek.

Only God can answer all. Only He can hear our call.

Those who do not know God and seek for Him outside the New Testament can be likened to a wounded soldier trying desperately to escape from a battle field that is churned up mud filled with deep shell holes. The stench from the slime at the bottom of these holes has caused a mist to accumulate in each one.

The soldier using all of his strength to climb each slippery slope, emerges from the mist that has clouded his vision, calls out to the God of his childhood for help and when he reaches the rim, sinks down and gives thanks for his deliverance. A ray of sunshine breaks through. He rises to continue his escape - only to fall down into the next hole. Again he renews his attempt to gain life anew.

The battle field is Satan's earthly kingdom where we all reside. Each shell hole is a new Satanic trap carefully prepared beforehand to enslave the unwary searcher.

Each of the different strands of the New Age movement are represented by the shell holes. Only those who know God firstly through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ and then through the Holy Spirit, can safely negotiate the minefield of life.

A plank of Satan's New Age is 'balance'. One of the main occult symbols is a of naked man within a circle. The feet are at the base representing having one's feet firmly on the earth. The head is at the top of the circle. (Supposedly in Heaven). Both arms are outstretched to embrace both the right hand (good) side and the left hand (bad or evil) side. This, according to occultists, represents man and the 'Adept' spirit inspirers serving God by holding apart good and evil so that mankind can reside in a peace and tranquillity where no one must disturb the calm pool wherein the lotus flower blossoms.

All New Age ritual is intended to tap the Spiritual power sources that give life to the nature world. Its object is to create peace and calm to bring the illusion of God's Presence. All who seek to embrace both good and evil disobey God. Thus they serve only the God of Evil. Those who advocate the use of New Age techniques to extend Christian Belief have fallen into a Satanic Trap.

Some Christian Theologians are conscious that the Church lacks the Spirituality upon which it was built. The words 'Spirit' and 'Spiritual' have been usurped by Satan who uses the same words to describe his cohorts and their power rays. Thus, confusion reigns within the Christian Church.

The Astrological symbol for the Age of Aquarius shortly commencing is of Spirit Power pouring down from the Heavens upon the earth. The New Age religions confirm that it is to be the Age of Spirit and are inviting mankind to partake in their manifestations of this power by obeying their spirits instead of God's Holy Spirit. The cult of modern Spiritualism, that is, talking to beings who say they are our dead relatives and who inhabit the invisible realm around us, started in the USA about 150 years ago.

Thus, Christianity's Holy Spirit of God started being confused with beings not of God. The Bible calls Angels 'spirits', and also refers to 'spirits of darkness'. How therefore, does one distinguish which spirits are of God and which are of Satan. Scripture admonishes us to 'Test the spirits, that they be of God'. My experience shows that no spirits are of God. Only The Holy Spirit, who is a part of God is Holy. All others must be rejected.

The Holy Spirit, who, I believe, comes to me, is quite uncompromising in confirming that Jesus Christ is God's only Son, our Saviour and our Redeemer. This is how I know that it is The Holy Spirit who speaks to me! When I say speak to me, this is not correct. No words are spoken. When He comes I know the answers to what troubles me and most of the rest mankind who wonder about the meaning of life and if God really exists.

Why not let us journey together in our thoughts for a little while and see if there is any Truth in what I say?

Can God impress knowledge upon us in a similar way that spirit mediums receive guidance from their spirits? It may seem similar, but, the reality is that it is nothing like the same experience. Neither from how it happens or what is said. Some spirits speak through their mediums of Jesus. However, they have to be listened to very carefully, as they come to deceive.

I am inviting you to come on a journey to find out if God is fact or fiction. I thought quite sincerely that He was fiction and so I was sincerely wrong! Could you be also?

Why not accept the challenge and come with me on a journey of discovery? See! I hold no Bible in my hand. I wear no garments that proclaim that I am of God. I carry no Church literature to give to you. I have no microphone to lambast your eardrums.

All I say is that I have knowledge of God obtained by direct Revelation. God is personal to each of us. Would you like to know Him? If so, this is your chance! There are no cases to pack, no tickets to buy, no fares to pay, because this will be a spiritual journey that your soul will make. If you do not believe that you have a soul, just think of it as being an adventure in your mind.

Don't you feel that the real you is what you think? Doesn't your thought make you do things? There is no need to quibble about words on the journey. All who travel the road will be a group of souls (i.e. thinking men and women) who will be travelling together, yet separately.

Each will find in their own personal lives that they experience what everyone else does, albeit in a different way. We are all individuals with freewill to do anything, or do nothing, as the case may be. Have you the courage to take up the challenge and come on THE GREATEST ADVENTURE OF THEM ALL?

You can come even if only to mock and pour scorn on what I say. If you travel with us you will find that your present ideas and attitudes may change. For now, all that is asked, is that you ask yourself just the one question. 'Do I truly wish to know if God exists?' If the answer is 'YES', come. You are one of us. Let us next, prepare for our spiritual journey to find out the truth about God.


We are undertaking this journey with a destination in mind and many of us are hoping that we shall be met at the end by one whom we call God. Others are anxious to disprove that God exists and fully expect that no one will be there to greet us.

The only rule laid down is that all must play the game and do as the rest agree to do based upon the advice that I shall give to you as Leader of this expedition.

Don't worry, there are no enforced prayers or Bible readings. Everyone has their freewill to leave us at any time. No one is forced to stay or to do anything at all, except to share the experiences of us all.

For the moment, let us pretend that God will be waiting for us at journey's end. If He is, don't you think that we ought to take Him a present? He will be our Host and it is only courtesy to take something. Don't you agree?

Primitive tribes would think in terms of appeasement when they find God whilst modern men and women probably think about the negotiations or clinical debate that will ensue. Who can say with certainty how we as individuals will react? Most who are wondering whether to set out to find God, do not believe in Him and are only interested in travelling in order to say, 'I told you so'. As Agnostics, atheists, faint hearts, or people wanting to believe, we are just the average collection of humanity.

First we must think about ourselves. This everyone can do very easily as personal survival, comfort, or ambition are to the fore in most of our lives and occupy much of our thoughts. On any journey, our luggage is a burden. The difference on this one is that we each carry our own. There is no one at all to help us!!

Let each think about what we have done wrong in our lives and place these thoughts in an imaginary pile.

Next gather together everything that we should have done, but alas, did not do, and make another pile.

Now tightly tie these two piles together and hoist them onto your shoulders. This is now the personal sin that we all carry. If you react to the word 'sin' call it what you will, but, do not look at another's burden and think that this, or that, pile is greater or lesser than yours. Just accept that each soul on this journey is being honest with itself. That is all the necessary preparation for this journey to find God.

But, remember that each is honest only according to his or her standards at the moment. All will find, that as we approach God, the burdens of sin will increase, as we start to judge them by His standards instead of our own.

There is however, a great consolation prize awaiting each soul that finds God and it is this. The 'present' that we thought about taking to God, is one that He not only wants but insists upon. Can you guess what it is?

It is our sin that God wants as a present!! We who stay the course will find that God will take this burden away from us and cleanse us with Living Waters that will ensure Eternal Life with Him. By taking the sin away from us, we will be born again, whilst still in the body!!.

But that is in the future. For now, all that is being asked is that you just be honest with yourselves as you gather together the present that you are going to take to God.

If the bundles are secure upon your shoulders we are now ready to start. Ahead lies:- The Bridge of Honesty.


Come gather your burdens on your backs. We are in darkness, bare rocks surround us and the only illumination is flashes of lightning. The wind is howling as the rain beats down. There is no cave, no shelter. We feel isolated and alone - in spite of our companions. This is life in the raw because every soul treads a lonely path to God, even though surrounded by others, whether strangers or friends or family. This is the reality of life.

Come, let us start our great adventure! Follow me! Quickly! Go back! There is danger here! See! That huge shaft of lightning lit up a gigantic gorge and showed us that we are standing on the edge of a precipice; there is a yawning chasm beneath but over it is a very narrow bridge of stone. What a Leader am I! Already I have forgotten the first rule of a spiritual traveller. Do you know what I have done wrong? I should have asked God for His guidance before starting the journey.

All must pray for Divine Love to protect our souls each day, otherwise we shall fall into temptation, or worse, accept deception as Truth. I will say a prayer for us all, as many do not know how to ask God for help, but, from now on, none shall keep to this path unless they learn to ask Him themselves.

Oh God, please come to us this day. May your Love light our way.

Shepherd us through danger times. Point the way with Holy Signs.

We seek your Son to know. Bless each traveller on earth below.

That the sheep will find the fold. And so Eternal Love behold.

Only one at a time can cross this dangerous bridge. Only those who have been honest with themselves will reach the other side safely. Only those who have secured their sins upon their shoulders will cross. Look, chiselled into the sides of the rock bridge are the words THE BRIDGE OF HONESTY. Step out bravely and follow me......................

So many crossed, some stayed on the far side and tragically a few started to cross and then fell off the bridge into the bottomless pit. This is a spiritual journey and those whose souls fell or stayed on the far side have not physically perished. Sadly they have returned to their former lives, either because they could not accept the idea that there is a God, or they had not been honest with themselves.

Already we are beginning to understand that we have a physical body and a soul. Remember how I said that our soul is the composite of our thoughts? Everyone knows that the body dies and disintegrates.

How many realise they have a soul that, because it was originally created by God in His Image, does not die, but has eternal life? Our souls live on after our body dies and what we do in this life determines where we spend eternal life!! This is why this spiritual journey is so important to us all. Time is short because none of us knows when we are to die.

Given the choice, who would choose to live forever in darkness surrounded by evil creatures? Most would prefer Light & Love. This is why this path is being set out for us to travel. It is God's Love that has enabled us to start this journey to find Him, as He desires to save us.

I am not trying to frighten you into continuing, just setting out the alternatives that you will not fully understand unless you reach journey's end.

The Truth is that I cannot make you do this or that, and God will not. I can't because you would not obey me, whilst God requires everything that we do to be done in Love. This is because He is Love and requires His servants to love Him in freedom, not obey him because we are frightened of Him.

Truth is different from Honesty, because the former is Eternal, whilst we can be honest, but so very wrong.

When we crossed over the Bridge of Honesty, we set our own internal standards. Now we continue to learn that there are external ones we have to obey, if we wish to proceed through the Archway of Truth that now straddles this path.


In front of us is The Archway of Truth and a further commitment is necessary if we wish to pass through it. It is very tall, but very narrow.

Only one soul at a time can pass through, but the height shows that no matter how tall the burden of sin each soul carries, if a soul honestly seeks Truth, then it will pass through The Archway to the other side.

Once again we must all make a choice. Do we honestly seek to know the Truth about God and Creation? If the answer is 'yes' then follow me and I hope to see you all on the other side.

If you pass through, the first lesson of the journey will have been learned and it is:-

How to tread, although in darkness, straight ahead!

Come! Follow me!............................................................

I felt that I was trying to struggle through the needle's eye, did you? It wasn't easy with this burden on my shoulders. I thought that I wasn't going to make it. Yet, 2000 years ago a great teacher named Jesus said that it was harder for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a human to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Did you notice how each of us had to undertake the ordeal one at a time? Did you think it strange how we couldn't help one another? The Archway was so narrow and wet and slippery. Such a narrow opening. How did any of us make it?

Well, we had proved that we were honest with ourselves when we set out to cross the Bridge of Honesty by admitting that we all had sins and that we carry them until God takes them away. Then we were truthful in confirming that we honestly desired to know if God existed. Two tests already!! We must have passed or we wouldn't still be here.

This also means that, without us realising it, we are already learning lessons about how God looks at us. He sees us with different eyes from ours. He knows everything about us already, but, like any good father, He knows that we must make mistakes if we are to learn.

He does however, expect us to learn and not keep repeating our errors. He doesn't judge us along this path. We judge ourselves. We leave if we haven't learned our lessons.

Isn't it sad how our numbers are so depleted? We can hear our friends calling us, saying that we are mad; it isn't worth it all, don't continue to seek a myth.

Don't let us get too confident. There will be many more tests along the path. See! This sign tells us ahead is The Pleasure Town.


Ahead the ground slopes down, in the hollow a sleepy town. No life do we see, as we search for sympathy. Do not rush in your eagerness to find what lies ahead for see, the pathway snakes through the town and emerges at the other side.

Let us kneel and pray, for God to guide our way

Through this maze of streets, as His Love ever completes

What mortal man does lack, so quickly let all come back

And kneel with me to say, ‘Please God show The Way'

From a distance the town looked sleepy, almost dead, but as we enter, it comes alive with many side turnings and bright lights and open doorways to tempt us within, with sounds of merrymaking, laughter, the clink of glasses and gay music. All of these seem to lighten the loads that we carry as we are swept along by the happy throng and we too feel surging up within us, a light-headed gaiety. Come let us sing and dance, lay down our burdens and be merry. God must have led us here so that we can relax and enjoy ourselves. Let us linger and forget our cares and troubles.

Let us take enjoyment whilst we may, tomorrow is another day

The strap is loose on the pack, I carry on my painful back.

What a relief it will be, to lay it down and not show He.

He? Not show God!! Oh Lord! What have I done? Quickly I snatch at the load as it starts to topple from my back and make it secure. Yes, it does feel heavier now, indeed I have much to relearn. How easily we get carried away, even when we pray.

We must be on our guard every day, lest we fall as tempter's prey.

It is strange how the load gets heavier as we come closer to God. One would have thought that the reverse was true and yet the music and gaiety lightened our loads and we nearly cast them away and so we have learned another lesson. There are two kinds of light.

There is the false, artificial light which lightens our load and the Perfect Light of God that increases it. Now why should that be? It is really quite simple, for, as we come into the Truth Light, so we see ourselves revealed as we truly are and the knowledge of how we appear to God makes us so sad that our burden is increased.

The Path of Truth slowly reveals purity; thus our own impurity makes us judge ourselves, or at least want to become better persons.

Do you see the signpost that points the way out of the town? It is pointing in the direction of Pure Truth. This is the path once more to tread, to leave behind this town of the dead. It is sad as we stand by this signpost that our numbers are so reduced.

Do you recall how I said, that we were of the dead?

Do you now understand why our steps led, us to this town to be fed?

Either with the food of the dead, Or Light from His Holy Head?

Come let us pray, that when we truly know His Way,

If it is God's Will, we may return to fill

His Cup with Life for those, Who now amongst the dead repose.

Let us pause here and reflect upon our experiences to date. I am sure that you will have questions to ask, so gather round.


Q. You have appointed yourself leader, but you make mistakes so how can we have confidence in you?

A. I am just an ordinary mortal like you, but, I have trod this path once before and I commune with God for much of the time. Like everyone else, I am prone to distraction. Sometimes I forget to test my inspiration and so I make mistakes. As I feel myself starting to slide I call out to God to save me and I hope you benefit too by this ability to recognise before it is too late, what is, and what is not of God. The only way is to pray. Have you ever wondered why Jesus is spoken of as 'The Lamb of God' and also as 'The Shepherd'?

Sheep and Shepherd both are One.

This the mystery of God’s Son.

We are all God's sons, but we are not pure and thus in the sense that we are considering this question I am the shepherd as I lead you through God's inspiration and yet I am also a sheep and I too must be taught further lessons on the path back to God.

Q. What happened to those who fell off the narrow Bridge of Honesty as we crossed over?

A. You must keep in mind that we are on a spiritual journey that is undertaken in thought. Those who fell off the bridge did so because they were being dishonest with themselves. We live in darkness and the purpose of this journey is to move out of darkness into light. Our present lives are the bottomless pit and so, those who fell, just returned to their previous lives, having failed to make the grade. Mystery is no part of God, for it is of the dark, but when what we see revealed is in the light, it is a mystery no longer. Even those who know God say He is a Mystery. Do they understand that whilst He may be difficult for us as created beings to understand, He does not Himself indulge in secrecy? Love is open. Love is Light. Love is welcoming. God awaits patiently for those who turn to see Him. But they must have eyes to see.

Q. There seems to be a subtle difference between Honesty & Truth?

A. Honest personal desire to find out the truth about God was all that was asked of you to cross The Bridge of Honesty, but you could not pass through The Archway of Truth unless you accepted that man is a created being and there is One who is superior to us and who must be sought externally and not within us as New Age philosophies teach! Unless they repent, those who think that they have found God within themselves cannot pass through the Archway as their sin is too great. They are committing the same cardinal sin of Adam & Eve, by seeking to control God and cannot continue with this journey. Do you remember how Adam and Eve sought to be as God? Well, their sin condemned us all to live outside of Heaven because they thought that they knew better than God. One may be honest - but wrong. Truth requires acceptance of this fact.

Q. Can you explain why our burden should increase as we come nearer to God?

A. As we travel closer to God, truth, as we understand it now, becomes more refined. We also become more refined in the sense that we start to question what we have always believed. In so doing, we will cast out of ourselves what we find is tarnished in our souls. Cast it away? We cannot just leave it lying about for some unsuspecting soul to pick up to its detriment. No we must add what we discard to the sins on our shoulders. Thus the burden of sin increases, but fortunately, God will take this away from us at our journeys end, as His Love overcomes sin.

Q. What about a guiding Star of Light for us to follow?

A. If you follow a star, you follow a symbol and is not a star of the night? I know nothing of a star. The Star guided the three Wise Men to Herod. They set out to find Jesus at Herod's command still guided by the same star. They came with gold to tempt the Messiah, or if that failed, the drugs frankincense and myrrh, to overcome God's Son. God sends His Angels for His special purposes. He did not send Angels to the Wise Men of the East. The Angels went to the simple shepherds in the fields. The Wise Men could not overcome a baby with temptation, or mind loosening drugs, but they recognised the Holiness in Jesus and accepted Him as God on earth and had to return by another path to avoid Herod's displeasure. Beware of the Wise Men of the East. I just know God who guides me. If I, or you, were to walk looking up at a star we would stumble and fall into the ravines of sin. Prayer is the only way.

Q. Why should the simple pleasures of life like singing and dancing or the occasional drink be sinful?

A. It is only if such pleasures are taken to excess and they then cloud the purpose of our lives, (which is to reach out to God and to serve Him) that they become sinful. We do not live in God's Kingdom, we live in Satan's. We are contaminated by the dark and sinful conditions under which we live. God understands this. His only Son dwelt amongst us and lived the earthly life. It is just a case of keeping everything in perspective and putting first things first. If you are sensible you will always put your desire to know God first. Do you feel that you would have reached journey's end amongst the brothels and beer houses? If so you have reached it. You have not found God and cannot see the road ahead that leads to Pure Truth. St Paul said that when he became a man he put away childish things i.e. he matured into God's Love and put away sinful things that could have tempted him from God. It is only when you are on the path that you recognise what is sin, for, you are beginning to see, where previously you were blind. It grows colder. Let us seek shelter for the night.


The storm clouds grow, thunder comes to show

That disruption occurs to those, who would with God repose.

Lightning in the cold dark sky, torrents pour to make us cry

As we stumble over rocks and thorn, bedraggled weary and so forlorn

This the lot of souls who, seek only The One so true.

When weariness is too much, nothing it seems could make us rush

To an old wooden hut we see,.

Windows open to the sky, no door but we cry,

"Hurry shelter lies ahead, let us rest our weary head."

So we tumble through the door, to sink exhausted upon the floor

Cold and damp we try to forget the day, we started on the way.

Indeed we all look sorrowful sheep, as we try to find some sleep.

Awakening I find, murmuring of discontent by the blind.

Anger seems to grow, as their cup doth overflow,

And I rise to see, they all stand before me.

Hatred do they display, to me for showing the way.

Their leader steps forward to speak, to ask what it is we seek.

Please God be with me, as this angry mob confronts me.

"Just look at us the leader cries, indeed we were not wise

To put our trust in thee, who said God he could see.

Surely if God is Love alone

He would not have a heart of stone, and this way us disown.

Why doesn't He comfort and succour us, like the Bible tells of Lord Jesus.

You don't even the Bible know, yet you said you could the way show.

If you were truly of God you, would carry a Bible to show that you were true.

Surely we should be warm, as nearer to God we should not be torn

By this stony path, so you hath, to lead us back, for we say God you lack.

No God is in this place, yet you claimed to see His Holy Face.

Why did you deceive us, no-one would believe us

If we told of how, stupid we are to be here now."

"Friends, I understand so well how you feel, for, listening to you criticising me, I hear myself using almost the same words to the one who led me to God and I just feel sadness, not only for you, but also that I too, once could not see the Love of Him who leads us. I just ask God for forgiveness for my past.

You mention the Bible. Well before you start quoting the teachings of The Lord Jesus to me, you must remember that you would not be on this path at all if you had accepted the Truth in the teachings of The Lord. Could it be that this path is starting to teach to you The Truth? Think on this a little more.

You are quite right. I have not studied the Bible and do not carry it in my hand, but, just ask yourselves, if I had come to you Bible in hand, would you have followed me? It is very doubtful. You would have cast me aside as just another Bible Preacher!

Because I do not a carry a Bible does not prove that I am not of God any more than carrying one would prove that I am. I am sure that you all know of Bible carriers who are just that. They carry it to show that they are of God but do not live out the truths that it contains.

The path of God is a path of stone. Why this should be you will understand in due course. If you just want the comforts of life do not seek God.

The only way is forward. The Lord said, 'Seek and ye shall find.' You have yet to learn that the peace and tranquillity you yearn for, is not always what it seems.

Let those who prefer to live in this Hut of Discontent stay. Let those who think that they are not always right follow me."


See how the skies brighten as we leave The Hut of Discontent behind. Look! Someone approaches. It must be a Prince of Heaven. See how richly attired he is; look at the jewels, the gold bracelets, the fine cloth of his gown. The handsome face beams a smile of welcome as we approach. The fine dark eyes glow as he stretches out a hand and we feel pleasure at how this princely one greets us so warmly telling us that we have obviously travelled far and need to rest. He leads us to a wonderful place, where the colours and soft hues intermingle with the calm blue of the sky. Beside a beautiful lake we are bathed and clothed in fresh clean robes and servants bring us wonderful food and wine. Life certainly seems good again, as we relax in this peaceful atmosphere. Our host treats us royally and shows us to vacant homes furnished with lovely drapes and couches and carpets. He tells us that if we wish to repay his hospitality, we should just stay as long as we like, at peace with ourselves. He has more than he needs and takes pleasure in giving to others. What a good soul this prince is. He heaps kindness on us and sends us presents, arranges entertainment's for us, provides us with servants and fulfils all our needs.

Indeed this is Heaven. Yes, it's all been worth while. All been worth while? What's been worth while? Oh yes, I remember, we were on a path to find God. Now why did we seek God? ..................... Wasn't it to see if He really exists? Yes! That's right. But do we know Truth? Have we arrived in Heaven Land? Certainly it seems like it. Now we have all that we could desire. We have servants to look after us......servants? To serve us?......No that can’t be right. We should be the ones to serve, for we were seeking God that we might serve Him in the way that He wills.

If we had found Him we should be the servants. Who then, is this prince? Is he God? No I can't see that and he's certainly not Jesus. But he's so kind. Look at how happy we are and we feel secure when we are with him. I will go to the palace gate and see what lies outside.

Here we are. It's just a wilderness out there. Now what is that pile over there lying in the sand? I will go closer. Goodness me. It's the burdens we carried. They haven't disappeared as they will when we find God. They are here waiting for us to pick them up and travel on.

I kneel to say, "Oh God we did stray

When the Prince of Gold, we met and we were told

To rest and to stay. Why didn't we remember to pray

To see if that was Your Way? So before Thee Lord I bow

Please forgive and show us how

For our stay we now rue, please show us how to continue."

Now I hear The Lord reply, "All who come to Me must die

And leave behind the things of earth

For to Me they have no worth.

When you have silk and gold, Me you do not behold.

Pick up your pack and carry on, this the way to My Son."

So all my friends gather round, leave behind what we found

For this prince did us tempt, so us from God did exempt.

Never God will we behold, within this Palace of Gold.

To all who would stay, these words I say.

Beware of all who offer, treasures from their coffer.

Kindness they only appear to show, God they do not know.

They only give to keep, souls from being God's sheep.

You think they do you save, yet they just your soul enslave.

Their kindness makes you do, what they want you to.

These words you may find strange, as previous thoughts they disarrange,

But the lesson that I teach, is God is personal to each.

Only to God should a soul turn, if not there is much to learn.

Thus go to God alone, He will never you disown.

Yes kind souls do go God's Way, they never make you stay

As by this they would Him disobey. Learn well the lesson of today

For only you can tread, to where God offers bread.

Before us, is a vast range of unscaleable mountains. Above a tunnel entrance a sign reads:- The tunnel of the dead.


We seem to be trapped. We cannot climb these mountains and fear to enter this opening that has the words chiselled over it - The Tunnel of the Dead!

But, in the wilderness now we stand. Burning hot is the desert sand.

Long have we walked along. Not one of us now feels strong.

Overhead the fiery sun, slowly dries us up - it's won

The burning desert sun.

And as we see it in the sky, questions come as to why

Man sees in the sun all, and often before it does fall

To worship it for bringing life, when to us now it just brings strife.

Many religions today, say without it's loving ray

We could not live, but no respect to it I give.

Water is what I need now, it will not come if to the sun I bow.

For this shimmering heat, will not grow wheat. It just our strengths deplete.

Let all who worship the sun, know God they have not won.

This is the wilderness that all who tread to God must pass through. Only He can give us the strength to survive, for this desert land sorts out the sheep from the goats. Many, many, temptations come to man in the wilderness and the suffering is so great that souls are often tempted to pray to gods other than the Holy One Truth.

Always it seems the desert sand, lies before The Holy Land.

Our band of travellers is finding that the wilderness comes in many forms and those who now have in their hearts the loving desire to find God are particularly vulnerable to temptations.

They are tired, yet excited at the thought that journey's end is near and so tend to rush to accept as Heaven what is only an illusion.

When we are in this depleted condition, we will grasp at any hand held out to us. Remember to make certain that it is God's before taking it.

Keep God constantly in your mind. Not many will emerge from this tunnel, which is where spirits live. Come let us proceed.

Now we are in the tunnel. The light from the entrance has disappeared. Some of us hear faint sounds, like breathing and sighing on the cool breezes that gently waft by.

Periodically, these sounds return as we fumble our way in the dark and soon we begin to feel afraid as one or two shout that something has brushed against them.

We gather ourselves into a circle for our own protection. Soon, some of our number say that they can hear faint whispers inside their heads whilst others can dimly discern the outline of ghostly figures; these seem to be mental impressions rather than actual physical persons.

Gradually the voices and visions become clearer to those who can see them and we realise that they are of dead relatives who want to communicate with us and to guide us in the darkness. It becomes apparent that the dead are aware of their own surroundings and whilst no more intelligent than we are, they are quite affable as we question them about their existence.

Those who can see them become more confident and say that they feel happy to be able to pass on messages of help and hope to everyone else.

Isn't it wonderful that life really exists after death? Isn't this what they set out on the spiritual path to prove? That earthly life is not the end? Some become keen to develop this mediumship, not for themselves but in order to serve others.

Their spirits of the dead have become more real than their fellow travellers and we thrill as we hear of their deeds and how they live and all thoughts of journeying onwards cease, as here is a challenge, a veil to be pierced in order to see into the worlds beyond ours. We think that, because the spirits can see in the dark and we cannot, that we are the blind.

For a long, long time we investigate but it becomes apparent that they have a very limited knowledge and have very little to say that can enlighten us and I conclude they know no more than we do.

The spirits say that those who talk to them should call themselves spiritualists and bring comfort to others by offering proof that we survive body death.

By now I wish to leave the dead to their own devices and journey on. Whilst some travellers come with me, others will not. They feel that they cannot leave their mutual consolation and the mystery of the unknown is too much for them.

So, they fall prey, to those not of day, but of the night, because of God they have no sight. They cannot see that the Tunnel of the Dead has no life for now:-

They are led, by the dead! Need any more be said?


As we proceed we can see a pinprick of light that grows as we approach and we know that it is the tunnel exit. As we rush forward a kindly being suddenly appears before us; he smiles and gently speaks to us of a land of blue sea and sky, and mountains and green fields where all is happiness. Very old and wise this spirit-being is as he speaks so lovingly of these beautiful places.

He promises to teach us of a Love Divine, that will our souls refine.

Very blessed are we, who him do see, a Messenger of the Gods is he.

The Great White Brotherhood is their name. They purify souls to take away shame.

He says that we must leave the dead spirits behind, we are too valuable to waste our time with them as they cannot help us along the path. We are blessed he tells us to have overcome such great obstacles. To have travelled so far we must be chosen ones and great work is there for us to do.

He is not surprised that so few of us have survived the journey so far, as not many have the sole (soul) desire to find Truth. We have climbed a mountain to reach him and isn't it a truth that the higher up you are, the further you can see?

"Join our Brotherhood," he says, "and if you do

never will this you rue, for there is much work for you

I come only of Spirit to tell. No need to rush as I will teach you well

You will your soul unfold, if you remember what I told

A messenger am I, of the Ancient Brotherhood who sigh

For all time and love men so, and come The Way to show.

Now God is Spirit, this you know, So I come to you to show

How to separate spirit from earth, and if you prove your worth

Secrets you will learn, if the teachings you do not spurn,

But not all at once can I teach, first you your souls commit, yes each

Of you must see, there are many ways to He.

And so the paths don't get crossed, and into the stormy seas get tossed,

You must agree to do, just what I tell you to."

How wonderful! At last we are beginning to understand the meaning of spirit, how spirit is behind everything and is thus the most important aspect of our lives. Our spirit is what survives death and so we must concentrate on it.

To unfold our soul, how marvellous! We must make it pure and then we shall be pure channels for the Christ Love.

We must only eat pure food, which means nothing from animals, and meditate twice a day. As we think of the 'Wise One' he is linked with us and we learn of realms higher up than ours where the Wise One and his brothers live, supervising the affairs of mankind.

Our wise old guide is so helpful in our meditations as he tells us to imagine a clear still pool of water. As we gaze into it, slowly we see heaven reflected in it, as if in a mirror.

We sit indoors, with the lights switched on, completely still in a circle, as he wafts incense.

Soon we start to have out of the body experiences as our spirit guide takes us into the temples of heaven, where we see the Golden Ones.

These radiant beings of great beauty welcome us as one of themselves. The very gifted among us sometimes see the Wise Knight, clothed in golden flashing armour and we feel blessed and privileged to see him. We find all of our days being spent in a dream world............... Where..... am I?................Why am I still and not plodding on?

Surely I am serving God because I sit in a circle and see inner worlds and I can heal. Heal? How did this come about? Oh yes, the Wise Ones taught me. Who are the Wise ones? They can heal and have taught us to unfold our souls so that we might become pure. They accept Jesus as one of them and only eat clean food, no meat of any animal, because they love animals so.

We attune to the Wise Ones constantly, but, was Jesus wise? I think not, otherwise he wouldn't have been crucified. He would have found a way to survive through compromise.

Although harmony seems to be a desirable goal, is this really so? Can black join with white? It can but only to result in grey and this is not purity and do not wise men mean those who have occult power, which is the power of evil, like the Magi, the Three Wise Men who sought out Jesus for Herod?

Don't tell me that I have fallen into another of Satan's traps? If so I have brought others into this work that I thought was for God and so sinned greatly.

When these Wise Spirits talk of God whom do they mean? Certainly not The Holy Trinity. Have I committed my soul to spirits and not to God?

"Oh God!" I cry, "please help me and all of those I led to this place. You I fear, I do not see. What have these spirits done to me?"

A long long time I wait to hear, once more God's Voice near

Now an Angel I see clear. Upon the brow a frown,

I realise that I have fallen down.

By God's Command I am sent, to let you see how you went

And did your soul commit, to those not fit.

Greater the tests become along the path, for God's Light lets you see you hath

Been tempted with spiritual treasure, you always took full measure.

Fast your progress has been. Many times Heaven you've seen.

Reflected in the peace, when the journey you did cease.

For you unfold your soul, when with the deceiving spirits you enrol

You thought that you were whole, but God didn't see your soul.

Yes, spiritual imagination lets you see, but never this way can you with God be.

Yet all the time Truth was there, if opened eyes you'd had to stare.

Part truth this Brotherhood tell, as they weave their spell.

Indeed are they tied to earth for all time, as they did disobey God in their prime.

Always along the path they test, souls to see whom they love best,

Is it themselves or God for you see, with healing power they tempt ye.

Clever is the way they say, Love is just a ray,

To use it you may, but you must go our way.

To your ego they appeal, as they your soul steal,

For you accept for yourself, the wise teachings of spiritual health.

Soul unfoldment is wrong for, this is not God's Law

As its your own soul you unfold, whilst trying God to behold.

Anything for self is wrong, if in God you would be strong

And because spirits dazzle you, you have no proof of anything that's said to you.

Sit still, send out the Light, this the way you were taught the devil to fight

Have you ever heard of a fight won , by sitting still tied to a rung

Of the ladder you tried to climb? Thank God you questioned in time."


Strange how the whole thing was deception. We respond to part truth and think it is the whole truth. We do this in order to keep our earthly lifestyles and respond to egotistical teachings. By unfolding our souls and acquiring healing power and manipulating power rays and contacting the spark of life within we come to think that we have the same power as God. Particularly as others respect us for our spiritual powers and not for what we are. I pick up my burden to continue the journey and although I have called and called to those whom I led into this trap, none will listen when I tell them we were deceived. Their anger is so great that they threaten to restrain me, to imprison me, if I go near them again.

Well this is the crucial test. I’ve prayed to God for I love Him best.

What I wonder will He, say to me

About the problems that have us vexed? Will it be from the Holy Text?

In God's awareness I now see, an Angel holds a Golden Key.

"Lord Jesus send this to thee, for you came to God through He."

"But what's this Key for?"

"It's to unlock the Holy Door, of God's Temple where

Souls to God do their souls swear."

Now I want to run away, not to swear my soul today.

Too Holy is this place for me, never can I be as He.

But as the vision fades away, I feel that there is only one day

When a soul may see The Gloriousness of He.

Only humble do I feel, as before the Altar now I kneel

Where His love enfolds me, and naught at all do I see,

For none God may see, when He comes to we.

Yet His Presence is here I swear, as all Love I feel there, that does my soul lay bare.

"Do you come with pure intent?" I nod, my strength is nearly spent

And I am overawed, at The Majesty of The Lord.

"Then why do I see deep in your mind, the last little thought you've kept behind."

"Oh God please be kind, and leave this last little bit of my mind."

"All I said and all I meant, won't you, even now repent?"

"Never!" I cried, but then I sighed, "Oh God, I must have lied."

So to God I gave my all, twixt me and my past there came a wall.

I thought He called me Brother Paul.

And as I back from the Altar stepped, an Angel said, as my heart wept

"God will help you to forget, as on His Path your feet you set."

I realise now, that although I thought I had left the Tunnel of the Dead before the Wise Guide appeared, it was just an illusion. So glad am I now:-

To leave the Tunnel of the Dead, may I proceed to God to be fed

And pray one day all will be led, away from the guidance of the dead.

Alone am I, I feel to cry

As from, the tunnel I emerge, yet God I feel does my soul purge.

A little cleaner do I feel, indeed only God can heal.

So now I feel refreshed, I journey on to test,

The Truth of what I said, that by God all could be led.

Ahead I see a steeple clear, and as at it I peer

The feeling comes that God is there, within the Church at which I stare.

As inside I go to kneel, God's presence my heart to seal,

"You're here?" I say in surprise.

God before in church I'd not found, His Presence does me confound.

"Yes, I am here as always, when souls do me praise.

Forever here I stand, for all to take My Hand.

If souls do not Me see, 'tis they who are blind, not Me."

"Oh God," I say, "here I'll stay. Always to you will I pray."

"No, that is not My Will," Says God who does with Love Me fill,

I desire that you, My Will must do."

"But if You are here then I, must stay your Name to cry."

"Here the sheep are in The Fold, you must do as you are told.

Return to tell you Me behold, and lead others into The Fold.

This is how you Me serve, any other way and again you swerve

This is how you journey on, telling souls of My Son."

"Is this not then journey's end?"

"No many paths have you to wend

Helping souls along the way, teaching them again to pray."

"Let Thy Will Oh God be done, I will tell all men of Your Son,

Then when You have won, all men will be your son.

But please God tell me how, do I teach men to bow

To Thee, when they do not You see?

The experience I've had to date, only seems to make men me slate.

Forever it seems You will wait, for men to overcome hate.

Should I go Bible in hand, telling of the Promised Land?

Of which Church do I speak, amongst many where man might seek?"

"No! Do not go Bible in hand, as first men must Me understand.

You found the Promised Land, just by taking My Hand.

All you gave to Me, when I called to thee.

Thus will I give to thee, words to let men see.

Do not speak of Church, just Me. This the way to help men see.

If you around you build a wall, who then will hear you call?"

"Thank you God for telling me, what You will of me

But may I one more question ask, before I go to do Your task.

Whose is this church that I'm in now, as before You I humbly bow?"

"This is no church, for you see, you are within The Heart of Me."

So to all who these words read, I say they will you feed

And if I can help today, to perhaps point The Way

Then I please ask God to help me serve, Lest again from Him I swerve.

All of the travellers who set out on this journey were on their own paths to God at the time. Those few who kept on and continued to question, every Minister, every Bishop, every teacher of the Christian Faith, every spiritualist and their dead spirits, every Eastern Guru and their Evolved Spirit Brotherhoods, every miracle of spiritual healing of body or mind, every spiritual phenomena of all kinds, these have reached journeys end. Here they are parted one from the other, as souls do not go collectively to God - they go alone at the end.

Each one experience their own Revelation of God according to their needs. Then all realise that their countless meandering journeys have been quite useless and wasted as,


God is there all of the time waiting for souls to turn their faces to Him, but sadly, we face every direction to avoid looking at Him, for then:-

All of our wiles open like a book, into which, we must look.

This is why we were not on God's Path to Him, but on our own. Now however, those who have reached their goal must tread The Path and join those who were already there when they arrived.

God answers our prayers for knowledge of Truth and we are not even aware that the answer has started. This is why we must not give up and be bogged down in the mire of untruth that is hurled at us all along the path. We must reach journey's end and so happy am I to find that one or two who started out on this 'Greatest Adventure of them All' are still with me. How then do we put this new found knowledge to use?

It is quite simple; just ask God and we will find that all answers come to us. If all men and women knew God this would be the perfect answer as we would not have any problems. This perfection will not happen until God has cleansed the world and taken it back unto Himself, because some are so corrupted by evil that they are blinded by it and reject even the idea of God.

Those of God must manifest Him that others might know The Truth. The Lord Jesus was and is my Saviour and of those who still survive with me, but we mustn't go about thinking that we are Jesus and can perform miracles as He did, for, God said to me:-

"The only miracle you shall see, is when souls stop to hear of Me.

This is how you will heal, for when souls do Me feel

The dead are brought to life, and leave behind all strife.

The born again Christian must learn that gifts of The Spirit are not sought,

This to me God taught.

If you try to gain, soon will come pain.

The only way to live, is your all to give."

A Christian has nothing to give by way of spiritual gifts, nothing to bribe or tempt a soul with, but yet, makes available the Greatest Gift there is - God, in the form of The Lord Jesus. Remember there is:-

No need of mystery and stealth, to drink God's Health.

No one can healing in spirit be taught

Unless it's stolen power for which God was fought.

Egotistical is the appeal, Of those who would your soul steal.

No man a Minister of God can be, unless he is as He.

The only words God said to me, were,

"If you would be as Me prostrate yourself upon the floor,

If to Me you would soar.

And give to Me your all, in answer to My Call."

Along the path to God we met apparently good souls many of whom appeared to be of Him and yet really they were on their own cross because they could not overcome earthly desires and so lived in perpetual torment.

Perhaps some of these souls will read these words and ask God to cut them down from the cross. He will, but, if a soul would be born again, no sin can remain.

There are those who love outside of marriage in an earthly sense and probably live good lives helping others, but know not God and so are still living in the land of the dead. They do not know this because they live without God's Light to illuminate their way. Earthly love (which sometimes is really lust) causes some to put aside wives, husbands, children and other members of their families. Everything is sacrificed for what humans think is love!!

Consider the fact that God has great need of those who will give all. But only to Him! God says love all and so many interpret this in an illicit sexual sense, forgetting that sex only came into existence at The Fall of man. How can it be wrong to love more than one they say? Love in an earthly sense doesn't provide the answer, but Divine Love does as the Ten Commandments forbid coveting and promiscuity.

If The Lord upon the cross hung there

For all the world to stare

Stripped and beaten - a soul laid bare

If we are to follow He

Us too the world must see.

Those who find God outside of the Bible realise afterwards that the Holy Bible is alive with Living Truth.

God started His Rescue Mission of mankind when he gave The Ten Commandments to Moses. They are the guidelines that still stand today. They are the lifeline to heaven that Jesus cemented together with His Commandments to Love God and one another - but only within God's Love.

To those who say I say nothing new, it is true. Holy Truth is Eternal, constant and unwavering, it is mankind who must return to it.

We are now on God's Path. What I wonder comes next? One of the travellers says that when he started the journey, he did so because he was interested in how I could possibly hope to lead souls to God without the Bible or a Church. Some of the others were unbelievers, but he knew God already and he was amused at my outrageous claim. He followed because it all seemed so alive. He now has a better understanding of what he already knew, but, he can't understand why I haven't joined a church and come into The Fold?

The answer is because God has not told me to. Time has dimmed the memory but I would have done anything He said when I had the original Revelation.

I was one who, always sought the whither, whence and why of life. I needed to find a reason for living as it all seemed such a waste in the free for all where the law of the jungle dictates our way of life. Many Bible preachers left me cold and in the main still do. Churches likewise, with their singing and public, often social praise. This may seem hard, but:-

God is personal to each. This is the message I teach.

Sunday singing may fill seats and fellowship with other Christians may be enjoyed. However, God is found in the silence of one's soul and anything that detracts from this is a waste of one's spiritual life. Collective worship needs to eliminate what is unnecessary and concentrate upon the fight with the devil who may be out of fashion in some Clerics’ minds, but who is even now destroying the Spiritual fabric of their Church.

My own particular path is unimportant unless detailing it helps others to beware of the traps I fell into. Unfortunately many never escape from the spider's webs of the satanic beasts that prey upon the human soul.

I was one who disbelieved in God's existence even though I twice had visions of The Lord Jesus offering me The Cup of Life. These visions shook me to the core but I refused to accept His Gift of Life as I thought that I was alive and He was dead. Soon however, I was to realise that the very reverse was true!!

Along this spiritual road is the answer to mankind's problems and I hope that you will all continue to travel it with me. New Servants of God wonder how they can help others if they are on a road that only men of God travel?

His servants tread The Narrow Path of God because they obey His Will in all things. This Narrow Path is on earth and all of mankind's tortuous paths cross over the Narrow Path and we help by being there at the crossroads, hoping to divert wayward souls onto the right road.

Many seeking souls wonder if those who provide the temptations and pitfalls along the path, also serve God by testing us? This is one of the devil's sayings to justify sin. God is Love and Light. The devil is Satan's subordinate and concentrates upon enslaving very evil humans. Satan himself is the Great deceiver trying to persuade the good that he is too.

Evil is manifest in the world because of original sin and this is the only way that darkness can partially exist in light. Our task is to help God eliminate darkness from mankind. Only then will all be light and Love will prevail upon earth once more, so that, as it was in the beginning, so shall it be for evermore.

For many The Greatest Adventure of them all has been concluded as they, like me, have experienced God for themselves and now commune with The Holy Spirit for guidance.

Those still on the path may like to consider what God taught to me in His Classroom after His revelation to me.


After giving my soul to the Lord Jesus, He took away my sin and passed me to God for judgement. I do not know why I passed this test, but as I emerged from the tomb, I found myself, in vision, sitting in a classroom. I could see, or perhaps sense is a more accurate description, that other pupils were present.

The vibrations calmed as the door opened and in strode the teacher, St. Paul, who was Saul, carrying a pair of scales in his hand. How I knew that he was Paul, I know not, I just did. He was dressed in a white robe, had balding grey hair, average build and a rather severe expression.

Placing the scales on his desk he explained that they were the Scales of Justice and that at the moment they were equally balanced. The left dish represented evil or Satan and the right side good or God. Looking around the class he continued to teach that the scales equilibrium did not come about by chance and that I had been wrong in assuming that God was the cause of good and evil being in balance. (Although other students were there, I thought he was speaking to me alone, as they probably also did.)

No, it was not God who balanced good against bad, dark against light; it was Satan and his evil force. This was because Satan had a vested interest in not totally destroying the world, because if he did, he would lose his power in it and be confined in the darkness for evermore.

Satan can only manifest himself upon earth through human beings and he enjoys being able to see and live in, the half light that we all now exist in, rather than the slimy depths of evil sludge.

This process was first started through Eve, and then Adam, by starting to unfold their souls under Satan's tuition. First he taught them to make their minds a blank and to surrender themselves to the light within that caused a feeling of peace as he slowly, very gently, took them under his mind control.

In doing this he was able to convince first Eve and then Adam that in some way God was failing them. Didn't they have dominion over the universe? What was God hiding from them on the Tree of Life and Knowledge? Were they not as good as God? Didn't they want to acquire God's knowledge? If they did, all they had to do was reach deep down within their souls by the means of Satan's magic incantations and their own soul desire.

This is how souls are slowly destroyed. The perfectness of what God created is first polluted by evil thought disguised as a search for Truth which results in what God lovingly put together being unravelled.

This slow destruction of their soul structure i.e. the Light and Love of God from which it was made, slowly started to part from the main structure of their being, enabling the Satanic spirits to gobble it up.

Gradually these beings acquired some (apparent) God like Light attributes which enabled further deception of humans to take place. This is how the Angels of the Night, come dressed in Light.

Soon, as Adam and Eve became darker, thus impure, they were expelled from Heaven and because they were the lynch-pin of our Creation, the whole of Creation had to go with them.

Because Satan was a fallen angel, he still had the same type of tenuous connection with Heaven that we now have and this was how he could influence Eve in the first place.

Now both we, and Satan, are trapped together in this fallen universe. This started the eternal battle between good and evil which has been constantly waged since The Fall of mankind.

Once The Fall had settled down and continents no longer clashed together and some life forms were eliminated, whilst other new ones devolved from what was once Purity, so the evil force realised that the upheaval and constant disruption was no better than total darkness and that a type of order had to be brought about.

Only the species, who had exercised complete control over the earth could help, namely, mankind.

Satan, not being perfect, could only establish a kind of chaotic control over the earth.

This was to be achieved by speaking of God to humans to deceive them. By absolute control of his white magic spirits, he would enslave in spiritual circles, one section of mankind to balance the rest who believed in God the Creator.

Both sections would be constantly kept in turmoil, because, whilst the deceiving ones spoke of peace and tranquillity, at the same time Satan would allow out of control evil spirits to cause havoc in personal relationships, and cause accidents, maimings and killings.

These effects, together with interference with the stability of nature to cause catastrophes, earthquakes, floods, etc. would make souls constantly question God's existence if believers, or, make the deceived draw closer within their circles for the protection of the Satanic power source.

Satan still controls by these means and this is why one generation never seems to learn from the previous ones and repeats mistakes which cause a further disruption of life.

Let us now consider how Satan recruited certain men to help him rule the world.


Satan realised that man alone on earth had the necessary attributes to establish order from chaos.

By now, aeons of time after The Fall, mankind had multiplied, but, violence ensured that just a few benefited from the labours of the many.

Satan's only way was to enrol in soul schools, men and women, who could be first milked of the Divine Light that still gave them life. They would be taught how to first contact and then control the Divine Spark within each soul that gives life to that soul.

Satan promised the reward of all earthly things to those who would co-operate with him. Men would rule with the absolute power as Gods, with their subjects enslaved by rings of spirit power.

But first the initiates of the soul schools had to give their souls to Satan for the rest of time. The initiates did not realise that time is Satanic and will end when God decides there are no more humans worthy of salvation and He cuts the Holy Cord that still provides a Lifeline to God.

Once the disciples of the evil force had learned how to master human consciousness, they controlled not just the bodies of their slaves, but also their souls.

This gradually led to many thinking they were serving God by devotedly performing apparently good acts, which in reality, stopped souls from turning to God and slowly mankind looked to evil for safety.

This in turn meant that the division between good and evil, eventually became balanced, a state of affairs that Satan ensures is prolonged.

Absolute good and absolute badness exist outside our sphere of existence. One in Heaven, where God is. The other in Hell, where unimaginable evil boils in a cauldron of its own hatefulness.

It is only in God's corrupted Creation that the two exist together under the control of the Satanic spirit forces. These persuade and cajole humans into dispensing with God in their lives, whilst, it's out of control spirits wreak death and destruction.

This causes mankind to constantly ask how God can allow such calamities? Or how a good God could create imperfect beings who could bring about such havoc.

Black magic and white magic together, seek absolute control of human affairs, as man alone has the capacity to manage all other species and nature. Both exclude God in their teachings and manipulations and teach soul unfoldment, disguised as a pursuit of Truth outside of Holy Scripture, for either, black evil purposes, or apparent good white purposes, but, they both serve the same master!

So, Paul continued, the original human Satanists, became the original balancers of power in this fallen creation, thus ensuring that each succeeding generation makes the same mistakes as the previous ones.

Time revolves, repeating conditions for the same responses even though in the meantime, physical conditions of the devolving universe change.

Basically the spiritual expression is still the same - until God interferes, and mankind responds to Him. This is what happened at the last turning of an Age. Jesus came to earth to show The Way for mankind to be saved.

The hardest fact, for both Christian believers and non believers to accept, is that a man could be born of woman, die a cruel death, be resurrected and then leave earth for Heaven without his body decaying.

Let us consider this crucial aspect of Truth.

The Resurrection of Jesus.

It is very hard to understand how a human male could not only survive a cruel death, but then be transported to Heaven whilst still in the body.

The Gospels are quite clear about this. The physical body of Jesus was somehow enabled to depart from one state-of-being to another.

Holiness came to earth when Mary, the mother of Jesus had an Immaculate Conception. This means that God by supernatural means impregnated Mary with His Holy Thought of Love and this caused a child to grow within her womb.

This child was a Holy-Thought-physical-body, which is a difficult concept to grasp. This was not a normal human containing a Holy Thought. The body was composed of Thought, but with the physical shape, flesh and organs of a human.

In other words, it was the reverse of a Holy man which is a body containing Holiness. Jesus was a Holy Body.

As the baby grew, so the original Holy Seed of God achieved what previously had been impossible. Purity extended into darkness, into sin, into evil.

God knew that the evil force would eventually expunge the Pure Human that Jesus was. But because the invisible, tiny seed of Love that created the Holy Child, was in the beginning no threat, so, it would grow into full bloom. By the time evil drove it away, it would have the size to travel from earth to Heaven and in so doing, to create a space large enough for all who would, to follow.

First let us understand what Heaven is. It is where God is and as mankind was expelled from Heaven, we are outside of it. It is a different State of Existence from our physical world and universe.

Heaven is a Thought-State-of-Being, because God is a Thought Being and He is Holy Love and Goodness. Darkness, sin and evil are unknown in Heaven because they are tarnished and impurity cannot be a part of Purity.

All who say that God is composed of good and evil, serve Satan and no other.

This is why the birth of Jesus was a Miracle, a Sacrifice, and a Gift that gave the opportunity for all humans to follow Him and be saved from eternal darkness to live in Light and Love.

The Miracle was that God enabled Purity to enter the earth and stay for half a human lifetime.

The Sacrifice, was that God knew that Jesus would die a cruel death at the hands of the evil ones, so God was sacrificing Himself for the benefit of mankind.

The Gift was that Jesus, being Holy, could not die permanently.

The physical aspect of His Being was expunged by Satan at the moment of His death. But this left just Holiness, which as it matured from the trauma of being transmuted into Purity alone, was able to prove His Resurrection and that He truly was, God's Son.

When this happened, the risen Jesus, literally faded from view as he became Pure Thought once more and left this physical world for the Pure-Thought-Heaven.

The reality is that Jesus some 2000 years ago, provided a link between one state of existence and another.

Millions have found through the centuries that those who accept Jesus as God are saved and their lives are transformed for the better, as certainty, about the reason for life itself, becomes comprehensible.

Consider a group of miners trapped in the bowels of the earth. They stand at the bottom of an air shaft without any climbing tools to fasten to the sheer sides.

Taking pity on the canary that they carry to warn them of gas, they release it, to fly upwards towards the light and freedom. By a miracle, as it emerges, it is seen and at first mistaken for a sparrow as it is so dirty, but freedom inspires its song and the rescuers realise that their friends are alive below ground.

Eventually after much hard work and danger, the trapped miners are rescued to continue with their lives.

Mankind is trapped at the bottom of darkness. Above them is a Shaft of Light that leads to Eternal Life in Love.

The darkness of the deep mine is where Adam & Eve fell when they disobeyed God. The Shaft of Light was created by Jesus coming to earth and then rising back to Heaven.

Those who are blind cannot see this Shaft and will not be saved. But, those who hear, or see The Word of The Lord, see this Shaft of Light above them leading to Salvation.

All who accept His Word travel along this Light to be received, redeemed and saved.

No one can go to God with another carrying one's burden of sin. All who would travel on this journey, travel alone, because this escape shaft is only wide enough for one soul at a time and all who go to God to be judged, do so on their own merit.

They must show to God without restraint, all that they have done that is wrong, and all the good that they didn't do, but should have done.

Just as Jesus showed The Way by being stripped and beaten and displayed for all the world to see, so, we too cannot hide secrets from God.

The joy is to follow as Jesus removes the burden of sin from our souls when He redeems us. God then judges us and we either become one of His servants, or relapse into darkness once more.

The way that Jesus was resurrected and ascended into Heaven will be repeated for all Christians at His Second Coming.

Then, He will take away the sins of those who deserve to be saved, both the living and the dead.

God will then judge them by the power of His Love. He will cleanse not only all saved souls, but also, the earth contained within its universe. The whole will be spiritualised once more and become Holy Thought taken back into The Holy Mind of God, to know for Eternity, God alone, and all that that implies.

Sadly, (because what God created cannot be destroyed) the alternative of not accepting Lord Jesus as a personal Saviour means that unsaved souls will live forever, initially in darkness with the Evil Force, within the debris of the universe and all that it contains.

This will be in freefall in time-space, where very quickly, the friction generated will cause the fires of Hell to ignite and burn eternally

This journey, this, GREATEST ADVENTURE OF THEM ALL, is now complete.  If, sadly, you are still on your own path to God, weaving in and out of the maze of life and still striving to find Him, try going back to the beginning of this path and re-read it in a peaceful place, this time with your soul.  Only by relating the words to yourself personally and examining your own life for actions and motives and by asking God to come to you, will comprehension come.  May God bless you and help your soul to seek Truth alone.

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