PAT HAHN


                         US- SENATE
         Together We Can Make A Difference in 2018.
The Time for Change is NOW! New Blood, New Ideas, Drain The Swamp of the same old ideologue that has not worked for New Yorkers and Our Country. I'm Not A Politician just an ordinary middle class New Yorker, family man, community volunteer, organizer, scouter & I'm a life long New Yorker for 63 years.

Primary Tasks

We as New Yorkers deserve better representation in Washington. Enough Obstructionist stop Resisting change and get to work solving issues. The Time for Change is Now. I'm NOT a Politician and I'm a life long resident of NY. I will work for all New Yorkers and Fight to get what we need for our state. I will support America and what we need to do to move forward to make America Great Again. United We Stand in 2018....  

Political Activity

We need to Replace and Fix the failing "Obama" Care and establish across the boarders of all states to bid on health insurance. Competition reduces rates. No more Bail Outs to Insurance Companies. Affordable Health Care for all. We need to protect our 2nd. Amendment Rights and Stop ANTIFA from hurting innocent people and destroying property.They need to be treated as home grown terrorists. Human Lives Matter to all Americans. Save the unborn from being destroyed they have a silent voice and need to be heard. Freedom of Religion & Free Speech need to be protected. Women Rights against harassment. Day Care for all working families. Family Leave Act expanded for all. LGBT Rights Protected against harassment and discrimination.