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The Plaza History Association established in 1981, supports interpretive activities in San Juan Bautista State Historic Park (SJBSHP) that increase public awareness of a shared history and heritage. 

The association has stocked a period clothing room and library for use by members, docents and volunteers to develop programs. The association provides volunteer labor and funds to help restore historic gardens in the park and other restoration projects.

In conjunction with State Parks, the association hosts an annual two day event called "Early Days in San Juan," on Father's Day weekend each year. The event features a broad look at life in the 1800s, an 1830 Mountain Men encampment, 1860-1870 buildings, clothing and an 1890 barroom. Additionally, a living history day is presented by the docents every first Saturday of every month. Other events are also sponsored by the association. Please click on the Programs and Events link below.

Programs and Events Calendar

The Plaza History Association has proven itself to be a valuable ally to the parks, visitors and staff at San Juan Bautista State Historic Park.  We are proud of the association's history of supporting the park and the Volunteers in Parks programs. By becoming an association member, you will contribute to the perpetuation and preservation of the rich cultural history of California.

Plaza History Association

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