S60 Resource Cleanup

Version 0.2       Resource clean-up for S60 platform        

  • Description:

S60ResourceCleanup is a Python script to clean-up drives from unneeded application resource and help files on Series 60 platform. It is developed/tested on my Nokia N95-1 (S60 3rdEd FP1) but should work on most S60 3rd devices.

Several Symbian applications (especially Nokia's) install resource and help files for quite many languages even though you never going to use them. This script lets you select the languages that you want to keep and deletes the resource and help files of all the other languages. The deleted files have the extensions .r[dd] and.h[dd] where dd is the language code  and they are deleted from C:\Resource and/or E:\Resource and their sub-directories.

As a result a lot of  free space (several MB depending on your apps) can be freed from the disk drives. The script can take a backup of the removed files, on memory card (E:\ResourceBackup). You can also restore the files from the backup.  Or you can transfer them in your pc and free space from the memory card.

Use it wisely, backup is recommended at least the first time. Note that several applications use only English (UK) (code 01)  resources, so it is strongly  recommended to keep that language.

  • Requirements
- An S60 phone with patches to disable capabilities.
- Python for S60 installed on the phone.
- Python script shell installed on the phone.
  You can download the latest (1.4.5) Python for S60: http://sourceforge.net/projects/pys60
  • Usage
- Download rescleanup.py and copy it to c:\python (or e:\python).
- Disable capabilities on the phone (please don't ask me how, there are many sources for that).
- Open Python shell and from menu select "Run script" and select the script.
- Follow the menu to perform cleanup/restore.
- Enable capabilities on the phone, as some apps require it to function properly (like ngage).
- You can navigate with all the arrows.
- It takes time to run, so have patience
- You can cancel the active job by selecting "exit" or with the left arrow.
- Remember that no file will be lost if you have enabled backup.
- The language refers only to the user interface language, not the writing language.
- The backup location is fixed to E:\ResourceBackup, 
  so in order to keep backup you need a writeable E: drive (memory card)
  • TODO: 
- Make a sis installable package.
- Identify apps which only have resources in other languages than the selected ones.
  • Troubleshooting:
- If you get errors like "Failed to copy/delete file ..."  it means that you have not disabled security capabilities in your phone. You need to do that first (and carefully read the instructions ;-).
- If you get a Python runtime error like "ImportError: No module named xxx", then you need to update your Python installation. The latest Python for S60 version 1.4.5, posted above, will do fine.
- For other issues you can email me at  panajotis at gmail dot com
  • Screenshots:

Main screen
Menu options
Language selection
Drive selectionBackup option
Cleanup startedCleanup finished
Restore startedRestore finished