Professor: Mark B. Wise
          Office - 412 Downs;  phone - ext. 6687;
          email:   wise at theory.caltech.edu

          Lectures:           107 Downs
                                      Monday, Wednesday, Friday     10 - 11 am

Teaching Assistants:

        Murat Kologlu            mkologlu@caltech.edu
        Office:                                  421 Downs

        Chao-Jung Lee              chaojung@caltech.edu

        Baoyi Chen                      baoyi@caltech.edu
        Office hours:                      Mondays  and Tuesdays
                                                     7.30pm-8.30pm,  Downs/Lauritsen 4th floor interaction space
         R. Shankar, Principles of Quantum Mechanics, Springer Science
         (Second edition) 1980