The 116th Field Artillery

of the US Army

by Daniel Stern


The 116th Field Artillery Battalion was one of the artillery battalions assigned to the 31st Infantry Division, the Dixie Division.   They fired three batteries of towed 155mm howitzers, with 6 guns per battery.

The 31st Infantry Division was a National Guard division, originally made of men from Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida.   After mobilization, draftees were brought in and transfers made such that it became less of a "Southern" division.  The 116th came out of Mississippi.

The 116th, as a part of the 31st Infantry Division, was part of the force that liberated the Philippines in 1944-45.

This page is dedicated to my father.

Portrait of Hans (Jack) Stern in dress uniform.

Jack Stern in dress uniform.

Jack Stern and Henry Martinez beside their howitzer, rifle at the ready.

Jack Stern  beside his howitzer.


Jack Stern in an Army jeep.

Jack Stern in a US Marine Corps LVTA 1 Amphibian tank.

Jack Stern in fatigues.

Jack Stern holding a howitzer shell.


The men of the 114th Field Artillery.  Jack Stern is top center.