S.S. New Westminster City

The S.S. New Westminster City was built for the Reardon Smith Line Limited. Launched in 1929, she was a steel steam ship with a tonnage of 4746.68 and engines built by Central Marine Engine Works.
The S.S. New Westminster City was a part of Convoy PQ 13 in World War Two.
The convoy left Loch Ewe at 3:15 on March 10, 1942 and arrived in Murmansk on March 31, 1942.  While she made it to Murmansk unscathed, New Westminster City was lost in a subsequent air raids on April 3, 1942.
Below are three photographs taken of this great ship by my grandfather, not long after she was launched.  The pictures were taken on his honeymoon in 1929 from on board the S.S. Toloa of the United Fruit Company Line.  Sadly, the S.S. Toloa is largely remembered by history as the ship from which Charles Whittlesey, Commander of the Lost Battalion of World War One, committed suicide on November 24, 1921. 

New Westminster City, approaching the S.S. Toloa.

Bow of the S.S. New Westminster City

S.S. New Westminster City sailing away.