In a Nutshell

What are the stumbling blocks? 

*Salary                  *Insurance

*Extra Duty          *Retirement

What are you asking for?

  • Compensation Package: Proposed increases match the increases in revenue to the district and allow the district to set aside 4 months in reserve in order to maintain the high financial rating. Example: If the increase in revenue to the District was 3%, the increase to our salary and Extra Duty would be approximately 2%, with the other 1% going into reserves.

  • Retirement: We are asking for a post retirement enhancement that will not impact our pensions or result in any additional long-term obligation to the taxpayers. Many districts' retirement packages include 6% increases in teacher salaries in their last 2-4 years and this does impact pensions and the ongoing taxpayer obligations.

  • Insurance: Our insurance offer is an effort to align with the Healthcare Reform Act that will no longer allow for discrimination in benefits in favor of the “highly compensated.” Our tiered approach would allow access to insurance benefits appropriate to the needs of each individual employee.

Are the teachers going on strike? We are doing everything in our power to avoid going on strike. We would appreciate any support you can give us to prevent this from happening.

How can you justify any increase in pay in this financial environment? Despite the current environment the district is still receiving an increase in revenue; we are not asking for anything beyond that. We want to attract and retain a high quality staff; this translates to maintaining home values in our district. Over the last 10 years the teaching staff has remained consistent, with high quality, highly experienced teachers; over 80% of our teachers have advanced degrees. Our proposals have reflected the values presented to us by the BOE, those being:

  • Value 1: Maintain a balanced budget where projected expenditures will not exceed projected revenues.

  • Value 2: Provide a fair compensation package of salary and benefits that is competitive with area elementary school districts.

  • Value 3: Foster a collaborative relationship between teachers and administrators.