"If we make it, it's pretty good"


Welcome to the P.G. Steel Company Railroad and the P.G. Steel Company.  We have created a replica of an integrated steel mill and the associated railroad operations.  Our trains move all the raw materials, intermediate products, and finished products

associated with steel production.  Visitors will find that the large size of the O scale engines and cars, the MTH Protosound 2.0 sound system, many scheduled freight trains, the towering steel mill structures, along with background steel mill sounds, create a feeling of realistic operation even in the toy-like environment.

Our guests may be handed a remote hand-held controller and the Switch List for the next scheduled train and put to work as the engineer or given a job as a brakeman or conductor (See Jobs on the PGSCRR).  The PGSCRR Superintendent keeps watch, sometimes offers helpful advice, and he never strays far from the emergency shutdown button.

Over 35,000 Lego blocks were used to create all of the structures and populate the PGSCRR with over 200 Lego mini-figures.  There are also several animated accessories:  MTH McDonald’s restaurant, MTH dump cars, MTH glowing hot metal cars, MTH flashing crossing signals, an MTH water tank, a Lionel electromagnetic gantry crane, and several motorized Lego machines.  There is something to appeal to all types of visitors.



Layout at a Glance


Name:  P.G. Steel Company Railroad

Scale:  O (1:48)

Size:  13 X 23 feet

Prototype:  Chessie System

Theme:  Steel Manufacturing Industry

Locale:  Mid-West

Period:  1979

Style:  Around the room shelf with peninsula

Mainline:  56 feet (35 feet for Upper Loop)

Minimum Diameter:  031 (042 for Upper Loop)

Minimum Turnouts:  031 (042 for Upper Loop)

Maximum Grade:  none

Train Length:  10 cars

Benchwork:  1 x 4 open grid

Height:  51" (63" for Upper Loop)

Roadbed:  Homesote over 5/8" plywood

Track:  MTH RealTrax (3-rail)

Scenery:  Lego buildings, wood, PVC and ABS pipe,

              and gray paint

Backdrop:  Sky blue paint

Control:  MTH DCS with handheld remotes, and Protosound 2.0