P. Geevarghese School of Nursing Devagiri. P.O., Kangazha, Kottayam-686555.



P. Geevarghese School of Nursing Building

A multistoried permanent building is completed and the building is already occupied. The building is well planned which an architectural splendor is offering about 50,000 sq. ft space. The building now has all necessary facilities for B.Sc. Nursing course and P.Geevarghese School of Nursing  and also an administrative wing.

P. Geevarghese School of Nursing


Is planned in an adjacent campus of the main hospital campus. It is a spacious campus of 7 ½ acres of which five acres of lands is set apart for Nursing College. There are ample facilities in the campus for future expansion including residential facilities for students, staff etc.
The campus has a large stadium and open-air auditorium, which can be used for the recreational facilities of the student.
The campus is situated in a natural hill, which is very quiet, free from all types of pollution and disturbance, which is conducive to academic atmosphere.


Hostel facilities are provided for all the girls and boys who require accommodation.
Ladies Hostel:- Ladies hostel is situated in main campus which can accommodate all the 200 students.
Men's Hostel: Presently temporary facilities are provided for students in separate buildings. New Men's Hostel building is being constructed.


We have arranged a variety of modern educational technologies for facilitating learning of nursing students and to be on par with the modern technological developments and scientific advancements.
The Audio visual aids includes 

 A number of mounted and laminated charts
 Other graphic aids
 Articulated skeleton and plenty of disarticulated bone sets.
 Specimens of organs.
 Electronic equipments like T.V, V.C.P., Stereo.
 Projectors like OHP, Slide Projector, film Projector, LCD Projector.


 We have a well-equipped library with a qualified full time librarian.
We have more than 2000 books in our library. In addition we have arranged for subscription of Indian and foreign Journals in Nursing. At present we are subscribing 29 journals.
The plan is to develop a fully equipped library with both manual and computerized cataloging and such other operations.
In addition to this, we have a good library in the hospital with lot of books and medical journals.