Email Replaced


Email Replaced

By Peter Gransee 11/24/06

-         The average worker spends 1-2 hours a day on email

-         Over 90% of all raw email is now spam. The reason you don’t see this in your inbox is due to more and more intelligent filtering methods by your ISP. We all pay for it however.


With any flexible and open system, you are going to have problems with external code subverting internal code. The more widely accepted the system, the more it attracts malicious code.


The solution is not to make the system less flexible, excessively penalize the good uses for the system or to split the systems into multiple non-interconnecting standards.


Instead, the complexity of the system must increase. This is similar to how the human body wards off infection. The more complex the attack, the more complex the defense.


As attacks grow more complex, communication filters will continue to improve. Eventually those systems will incorporate strong AI.


As that intelligence level approaches, the system interface will also improve. We will be able to send information with less effort on our part.


For example: A group of office workers attempting to setup a meeting time. Instead of emailing each other back and forth numerous times over a period of days, they can now have their software check their calendars and automatically suggest times that work for everyone. The human contribution is therefore compressed and more information dense (less redundancy).




As an interesting side note, studies seem to indicate ironically that as a virus mutates to attack a complex system, the virus itself looses complexity, which makes it weaker in the long run. Maybe this could be exploited in computer systems. Hmm. OK. Maybe not… Man-made viruses have programmers constantly injecting more complexity into them.