ASM for the TI-83 Plus 

Before you start asm, here's some stuff to know: First, it helps a lot to have some sort of programming background. Try TI-BASIC first. Go to chapter 16: Programming in your TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator Guidebook and just go through that, trying out different stuff, and maybe making your own original program. Also, pages 17-7 and 17-9 of the Activities chapter have some good example programs.
        Alright, now onto asm. Firstly, asm is made on your computer, so some connection device is needed. Asm is written out in regular programming-like language (not BASIC, but assembly language). Then you assemble and compile it using a program on your computer, which converts it to something your calculator can read. It looks like a lot of numbers and letters, like this: EF5845EF4045. Then you finally put it on your calculator and run it.
         One more thing; these tutorials are for the TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator, not for just TI-83, asm for the TI-83 is different in a lot of areas. The TI-83 Plus Silver Edition works just like the TI-83 Plus.
Below I have a lot of links to tutorials and files and programs you'll need.

First tutorial - (TI-83 Plus Asm Tutorials, Version 1.02, 2.01, Authored by Jeff Chaivery), good for ultra beginners, spends 5 sections telling how to actually write your program and run it on the calculator.

Second tutorial - (Learn TI-83 Plus Assembly In 28 Days v1.1), good for more advanced programmers, I recommend you do this one after the first tutorial. Goes in depth into registers, and variables, and basically everything.

TI Graph Link
- (TI-GRAPH LINK™ Windows® Software for the TI-83 Plus and TI-83 Plus Silver Edition), To run your black calculator to computer connection cable.

TASM - (TASM v3.2), For compiling and assembling your program.

ObjHex - (ObjHex v1.03), used with TASM.

Virtual TI - (Virtual TI v2.5 beta 5) You can use this to check your programs to make sure they won't crash your calculator. Also lets you upload your calculator's ROM (which you might need if your program really messes up your calculator.)

TI-83 Plus Flash Debugger
- (TI-83 Plus/TI-83 Plus SE Simulator/Debugger), I never got Virtual TI to work, so i use this instead, and it does enough for me.

SDK - (TI-83 Plus SDK), a reference document, so you can find out exactly what a lot of commands do.

SDK Add On's
- (Unsupported Info for TI-83 Plus SDK), Stuff not included in the above SDK.

TI-83 Plus Include File - (ti83plusAsm.inc) The include file from the first tutorial, with some missing stuff added in. The best include file out there, I think. It works, anyway. Right click and select Save Target As...

DevPac8x Linker - (Devpac8x) Not sure what it does, I kept the first tutorial's compiling method when i went to the second tutorial.

TI83PLUS.INC file - Included with second tutorial above.

TASM Z80 table file (tasm80.tab) - Comes with the TASM above.

TI-83 PLus System Routines (83psysroutines.pdf) - Anything B_CALL can refrence.  Right click and select Save Target As...

User Interface Guidlines for the TI-83 Plus (sdk83puiguideline.pdf) - How your program and the user should interact, someone may find it usefull. Right click and select Save Target As...