Bunch of little programs I made, mostly they're just cool. 

    Update: I have a few programs running live online right now. They run on my server, and interface with you through your web browser:


    These are all programs I've made over time. Most are in some horrific state of being half-done, though they do do what I say they do. I may improve their documentation, their interfaces, and keep them up to date on this site, some day. For now, here's what I have.


    In a set of text, like a paragraph, you can discover something. For that paragraph, what is the probability that the letter "i" will be followed by the letter "s"? What about the probability that the letters "ar" are followed by an "a"? This program takes an input text an builds a probability table of what a pair of letters will be followed by. All letters are made lower case, spaces included as a letter, and all other characters parsed out. Then, it begins an output text. This text is randomly generated, weighted by the probability table. The result is something that kind of sounds like English, but has few real words in it. Bigger input texts give better output texts.

    Now for some instructions on how to use the program. Download the file. Then, in same folder where the file resides, make a file called GobbledygookIn.txt. In this text file, put the input text, up to 10,000 characters, though going over is OK. Now, run Gobbledygooker.exe and see all the cool English-like text.

    Oh, and it might spit out an error now and then. It happens so rarely that I can;t figure out why it does it, but at least I;m capturing it before it crashes the process now, so things are OK.

    I've been running this on Windows XP. It might run on other systems. 


    Middle Mix

    You know that e-mail that has been going around for ages? The one that says something about some people at a university discovering that if you randomly mix up the middle letters in a sentence of words (all the internal ones, not the first or last letter) then the sentence is still readable? Well, I wanted to see if that is always true. So I made a program to try it. It is true, except for proper nouns.

    I did this one on Linux, so you get a nice binary file, compiled on an Ubuntu system. I might post the code here are recompile for Windows some time. You run it from terminal. It takes one argument: the file containing the bunch of words that you want mixed up.

    Better Music Visualization

    Just made it a ton better. Now it really seems to follow the flow and beat of the music , whatever the music is. And now it has 7 boxes. It depends on a little less setup right now, and 3 3rd party applications. I'm hoping that it is better than the bars and waves that normal music visualizations are based on. It is dependent on AmazingMIDI, an application that converts WAV files into MIDI. Instructions included in the ZIP file.

    Sudoku Solver

    A program I made a while ago to solve easy and medium level sudoku puzzles. Just upgraded it to solve hard and some evil ones too now. It'll output partially solved puzzles for you too. Use this file as an example for loading sudoku's.

    Straight Up Zip

    Losslessly compresses 24 bit .bmp Windows bitmap images. Very high compression rate, about1/1000. Very slow. Nothing to decompress. Written in Assembly language.

    Place your Windows 24-bit bitmap (*.bmp) image file into the same directory as the program. Type “ filename.bmp” in Command Prompt whils in that directory, where filename is the name of your image. This program is pretty slow, so I very highly recommend having no more than 32 colors within your image, and do not make the image larger than 512x512 pixels. Technically, this program can handle 2730 colors and 65536x65536 pixels, but that would take several weeks on a very fast computer.

    Points Reducer

    Something about reducing points and a connected graph that forms a shape, while keeping the shape. I gotta find that one and pt it up here.

    Other Stuff I've Done But Haven't Uploaded

    A program that checks the wind forecast online and emails you if it's going to be windy enough to go sailing some time. 

    Made a NetReg server with Apache web, RADIUS, Perl, DNS and DHCP on Ubuntu Server.

    Organize the RGB color scheme into a 3D cube, slice it with a plane, paint that plane, and show it.

    Get the best progression from white to black, while going through all colors, without making big jumps, on the RGB color scheme.


Takes the Rorschach test to a whole new level.

Tone Generator

Generates one to twelve different sine wave tones at the same time, of the specified frequency, for the specified time. Runs from command prompt. Good for trying new chords not available on the keyboard.