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Just a webpage for me to put stuff at for whatever. 

All about me

Here's who I am.

Computer Cleaning Recomendations

A guide for cleaning and protecting your computer from adware, spyware, viruses, and popups.


TI-83 Plus Assembly

If you ever wanted to try programming in ASM (assembly) for your TI-83 Plus Graphiing Calculator, here's how.


Halo 2 quirk

Picture and movie showing Master Chief loosing his legs.


Data Units

Why blank DVD's seem to shrink when you buy them.



Web page for my COS431: Operating Systems class.


My Favorite Web Comics



Bunch of little programs I've made, some are cool.


David's Math Talk

This is a private web page I use for whatever, but mostly to tell people about myself, and to show people cool things. And probably to help people too, I'll do that too.

My two other sites are