Halo 2 files

Files illustraiting a strange happening in Halo 2 

My brother was playing around in the Zanzibar multiplayer map in Halo 2, and managed to get the tank stuck looking up at an about 60 degree angle. He hopped up on it, and moving about, suddonly saw his legs somewhere where he was not. I took a picture and 15 second movie with my crappy camera, and enhaced the visuals with my crappy skills, for all the world to see. Interesting little mess-up, though.

Original picture (582 KiB)


Enhanced picture (214 KiB)


Original movie (3.66 MiB)


Enhanced movie (1.15 MiB)



Here's a screenshot from the Halo 3 Trailer, near the end of second 34, when Cortana is saying "gods". It's been turned 180 degrees. Doesn't that look like a grunt on the left there? The frame before and after this one have nothing to do with this one, it looks like it was just stuck in, only following the color patter and chaos of the transmission. Hm, it might also be a picture of an XBOX 360 production line, if you look at right side up. (3.51 MiB)