PMP Qns 421 - 440

Question 421
In which of the following documents will you find specific procedures
for contract closure?
A. Contract terms and conditions
B. Project plan
C. Procurement audit documentation
D. Contract change control system
E. Contract file
Answer: A

Question 422
Which of the following statements are FALSE regarding the relationship
between project phase and project life cycles?
A. Collectively, the project phases are known as the project life
B. The conclusion of project phase is generally marked by a review
of key deliverables and current project performance
C. Project phase-end reviews are often called phase-exits
D. Each project phase is marked by the completion of one or more
Answer: D

Question 423
All of the following are outputs of the close project process EXCEPT:
A. Historical information
B. Project management plan updates
C. Project closure documents
D. Formal acceptance documentation
E. Project files
Answer: B

Question 424
Your project is coming to an end, and you are in the process of listing
the activities that must be performed to close out the project. Which of
the following should be performed during the closing processes?
A. Seek legal counsel from the company’s attorney prior to closing
the project
B. Request final inspection reports for all vendor supplied products
C. Issue a formal notice of project completion to sellers
D. Issue payment schedules and requests
Answer: C

Question 425
Which of the following documents formally indicates that the customer
or sponsor has officially accepted the project deliverables?
A. Historical information
B. Formal acceptance documentation
C. Project closure documents
D. Project files
Answer: B

Question 426
Historical record from previous project are generally used for all of the
following EXCEPT:
A. Lessons learned
B. Estimating
C. Risk management
D. Project planning
Answer: A

Question 427
Which of the following statements are true?
A. Procurement audits review the procurement process from plan
purchases and acquisition to contract administration
B. Procurement audits review the procurement process from plan
purchases and acquisition to close project
C. Procurement audits review the procurement process from plan
purchases and acquisition to contract closure
D. Procurement audits review the procurement process from plan
contracting to contract closure
Answer: A

Question 428
One of your friends is a manager at telecommunications company. She
is currently managing a project developing a VoIP (Voice over IP)
gateway that addresses the challenges facing service providers
deploying packer-based voice networks. The gateway offers a
comprehensive approach to implementing high-density carrier-class
voice over packet gateway applications. All the technical work has
already been completed on the project, and the project is in the
closing phase. All of the following should be performed at this stage
A. Analyze the success or failure of the project
B. Documents lessons learned
C. Perform product verification
D. Create the project archives
E. Obtain formal acceptance of the project scope and deliverables
Answer: E

Question 429
Which of the following statements are true regarding the procurement
A. The primary purpose of procurement audit is to identify lessons
learned during the procurement process
B. The procurement audit is a tool/ technique of the contract
administration process
C. The procurement audit is a tool/ technique of the close project
D. The procurement audit provides information regarding how
effectively the seller is meeting contractual obligations
Answer: A

Question 430
You have been recently hired to be a project manager at a bio-tech
company to develop anew drug for the treatment of malignant
melanoma. As part of feasibility study, your team has been evaluating
the feasibility for such a drug using computer simulation.
Your team has just completed one of the project phases by designing a
potential chemical compound using a sophisticated computer model.
You would like to have model reviewed prior to deciding whether to
move to the next phase of the project. According to the PMI, these
type of reviews are called:
A. Phase exists
B. Deliverables
C. Target goals
D. Milestones
Answer: A

Question 431
Which of the following formulas is used to calculate the SPI (schedule
performance index)?
Answer: C

Question 432
Which of the following statements are false regarding the
administrative closure procedure?
A. The administrative closure procedure is an output of the close
project process
B. The administrative closure procedure addresses the terms and
conditions of the contract for contract closure
C. The administrative closure procedure addresses the completion
or exit criteria for the project
D. The administrative closure procedure describes the procedure to
transfer the project products or services to production and/ or
E. The administrative closure procedure addresses the stakeholders
approval requirements
Answer: B

Question 433
Contract file and formal acceptance and closure are outputs of which
A. Contract closure
B. Contract administration
C. Information distribution
D. Manage stakeholders
E. Performance reporting
Answer: A

Question 434
Product verification is usually performed in the closing process. Which
of the following statements are true?
A. Product verification is performed during the close project process
B. Product verification provides management with information
about how effectively the seller is achieving the contractual
C. Product verification is a method for quantifying qualitative data
to minimize the effect of biases during select sellers
D. Product verification includes samples of the suppliers previous
products for the purpose of providing a way to evaluate a
supplier’s capabilities
Answer: A

Question 435
You are in the process of controlling changes to project cost baseline.
Which of the following is the LEAST helpful input?
A. Work performance information
B. Project funding requirements
C. Performance measurements
D. Performance reports
E. Project management plan
Answer: C

Question 436
A WBS can be used foe all of the following EXCEPT:
A. Describe functional managers for each team member
B. Manage/ control scope creep
C. Communicate with customers
D. Help new team members understand their roles
Answer: A

Question 437
Recommended corrective actions are an input to which process?
A. Integrate change control
B. Direct and manage project execution
C. Scope verification
D. Scope control
E. Schedule development
Answer: A

Question 438
You are the project manager at a large accounting firm in the United
States. Your current project involves auditing the financial statements
of a Fortune 100 company. You are currently utilizing network
diagrams to track and schedule the execution of various auditing tasks
through out the project.
You are performing a backward pass analysis of the project schedule.
It is important for you to examine activities that have _________
A. Negative
B. Forward
C. Backward
D. Zero
E. Positive
Answer: A

Question 439
Which of the following objectives is LEAST likely accomplish by
implementing a project-wide application of the configuration
management system?
A. Provides a mechanism to communicate changes to stakeholders
B. Provides opportunities to improve the project by considering the
impact of each change
C. Provides a method to identify and manage risks
D. Establishes a method to identify and request changes to project
Answer: C

Question 440
Your company is making a strategy shift: form being focused on
fulfilling customer requests for becoming the best cost dairy producer
in industry. Its existing cost manufacturing cost system, however fails
to capture the costs associated with handling special flavors, small
production orders, and complex delivery and order processing options.
Hence you’ve been assigned to supervise an existing project to
develop a new time-drive, activity-based costing system that will
capture the full complexity of the company’s operations and gives
managers new insights into the profitability orders, products, and
customers. Senior management will use the information to enhance
process efficiencies, negotiating new terms with customers, and
attempt to win new business.

The project timeline is very aggressive and a lot is at stake with this
project. Hence, every week you report on the progress and status of
the project to all the necessary stakeholders and sponsors. Your
project team has already completed all the initial and project planning
activities and received sign-off and approvals on the project charter,
project scope, and detailed work packages. Your project team is in the
process of completing all the work packages. Te project timeline is
very aggressive, and your project has the SPI of 1.2 and CPI of 1.3. A
final review of the project deliverables has been scheduled foe the end
of the month.

Unfortunately, as your project near completion, you are informed that
your project is being cancelled since the resulting product is
unacceptable and does not meet the business needs of the
organization. All the resources on your project are being reassigned to
another project. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of this
A. The project charter did not provide enough details regarding the
project goals prior to sign-off
B. The project was behind schedule and plagued with cist overruns
C. A key stakeholder was not sufficiently involved in the project
D. Your project resources were required on a separate project
E. A project status was not properly communicated to the
interested parties
Answer: C