Peace as a Global Language Tokyo 2010

Saturday 4  & Sunday 5 December @ I.C.U

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Serious about 'PEACE' ? Come here and tell us about the contribution academics and activists can make in an attempt to break free of the military-industrial-academic-complex. 

In the light of the corporate take over of universities and the continuing assault on liberal arts, humanities and social sciences it is important to understand how this began, why it is gathering pace and how to resist it. 

With this in mind Peace as a Global Language 2010 will focus on critical pedagogy and strategies to counter the now all pervasive corporate culture on campuses. This can be done through the promotion of peace in the classroom via English language content based courses as well as regular ESL classes.

If you are interested in defending free enquiry, freedom of thought and expression while reclaiming academic space and advancing the cause of peace then PGL2010 is for you! 

Consider joining us this year and let others know what you are doing in the classroom as well as in your research.

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