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PTSO Executive Board for 2007-8

Elected Officers


Henry C. Schmitt was elected as PTSO President in May of 2007, having served as Vice President since February 2007. He was, at the time the father of an 8th grade stagecraft student, and is currently the father of a 7th grade stagecraft student.

He has represented the School many times at Board of Education Public Hearings and was appointed to and served on the Superintendent's Rogers Committee which chose a future location for the CAPA Middle School program at the Milliones building. He is now serving on the CAPA Coordinating Committee which is overseeing the upcoming CAPA Schools Merger.

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Vice President

Liz Pillows was elected as PTSO Vice President in May of 2007. She is the mother of an 8th grade vocal student.

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Terry Kennedy was elected as PTSO Treasurer in March of 2007. She is the mother of a 8th grade dance student.

She has served as Treasurer for many organizations including non-profits and the Minadeo Elementary School PTO. She has also appeared before the Board of Education at Public Hearing many times representing the school.

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The position of Secretary is currently vacant. If you are interested in filling this position, please send us email.

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Appointed Committee Chairs

Volunteer Coördinator

Laura Hillenbrand volunteered as Volunteer Coördinator in July of 2007. She is the mother of a 8th grade visual arts student.

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