What you can do

Prince George's Hens is an all-volunteer organization. We are your friends and neighbors all over the county, and we would love for you to join us! Here are a few ideas.

1. Spread the word!

After you sign the petition, don't forget to send it to your friends and neighbors. You can also help spread the word by joining our facebook group and sharing it with your friends on Facebook!

2. Join our mailing list!

We have two mailing lists:
    3. Volunteer!

    We can always use a hand with the campaign. Can you write a letter to your city or county council member, or your local newspaper? Can you help organize events? Would you like to wear the chicken suit or help collect petition signatures? Do you have photos that we could use on this website? Do you have website design and maintenance skills? A great way to volunteer is to join our discussion list above. You can also email us directly at princegeorgeshens@gmail.com.