Considerable data are available free on the net from remote weather stations operated by the Ministry of Environment (Water Stewardship Division) or BC Hydro. You can obtain remote weather data from remote weather station within BC.A few of high elevation weather sites that are of interest for the local area are

Revolution Creek (McGregor area)

Station Address: 1A17P

Elevation 1690M (5545‘)

Near Real Time


Pine Pass (Powder King)

Station Address: 4A02P

Elevation: 1430m (4692‘)

Real Time

Near Real Time



Station Address: 1A03P

Elevation: 1520m (4987‘)

Near Real time


Dome Mountain

Station address: 1A19P

Elevation: 1820m (5971‘)

Near Real Time



For current conditions (updated every morning by satellite) of Snow/Water Equivalent, Total Cumulative Precipitation, and Current Temperature.


If you are looking for snow accumulation trends from year to year. This graphical data is plotted once a week and provides current, historical, and average data so that you can quickly compare this week’s snow pack to the same time in previous years. By using this web address you can determine current conditions and conditions on the hour for the past 7 days. With this information you can increase your knowledge of snow conditions. It has the potential of telling you if a thawing front has moved in at elevation during the week or it can help determine avalanche stability trends and snow settling trends by looking at the temperature variation in the past few days and the relationship between the height of new snow vs. total cumulative precipitation (settling of the snow pack over time).