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 यह् वेबसाईट उन सभी लोगों के लिये है जो GRE, CAT, MBA इत्यादी की तैयारी कर रहे हैं | इस वेबसाईट पर English के लगभग 400 words दिये हैं और उनका explanation हिंदी  audio tutorial के माध्यम से दिया गया है |साथ ही इन words से सम्बन्धित चित्र भी स्लाईड शो पर दिये गये हैं | आशा है यह प्रयास vocabulary के विद्याथियों को पसन्द आयेगा |


 It is a well known fact that a picture speak louder then words.  Thus pictures can be used to remember words.

Equally well known is the fact that you can remember better in your mother tongue. This fact is validated again and again by numerous studies.


To improve your memorisation and understanding of new English words, I have tried to use the fact mentioned in the above paragraph by explaining the meanings of English words using pictures and in small audio tutorials. 


The Pictures are in the form of a slide show.


Just Click on a link below to open the mp3 player to help you remember words. You can also save the word lists on your PC to revise them frequently. To help establish the words firmly into the memory, view the pictures related to to the words by clicking on slide show.


I will keep on adding the word lists regularly.


List of Word Lists-1

Word List 1 Word List 2 WordList 3 Word List 4 Word List 5
Abandon Apex Barbarous Brim Carrion
Abduct Appease Barometer Brink Cascade
Accomplice Apprehensive Blemish Brisk Catapult
Acrimony Apprehend Blissful Bruise Categorical
Alias Aroma Boisterous Bulwark Ceasefire
Aka Artisan Bonanza Candidly Charlatan
Aloft Ascent Brandish Camaraderie Chasm
Ambiguous Astonish Captivate Chauvinism
Amicable Babbling Captive Cloak


To Listen to These Words and Their Explanations in Hindi and to see the pictures relating to these words please click the links Below



word list 1     word list 2   word list 3       word list4      wordlist5   


               See Slide show of Pictures Related to these words




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