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Grade 9

Patrick Fogarty C.H.S.

 AMU1O - Grade 9 Instrumental Music

 Instructor: Mr. Hilts

Course Description:

This course emphasizes the creation and performance of music at a level consistent with previous experience and is aimed at developing technique, sensitivity, and imagination. Students will develop musical literacy skills by using the creative and critical analysis processes in composition, performance, and a range of reflective and analytical activities. Students will develop an understanding of the conventions and elements of music and of safe practices related to music, and will develop a variety of skills transferable to other areas of their life.

 Connection to Catholic Faith:

This course will help students address the Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectation that they become collaborative contributors who achieve excellence, originality and integrity in their own work and support these qualities in the work of others.

Maria Brown,
Feb 3, 2016, 8:51 AM