Prakash Kapila


My philosophy:

Mountain high obstructions when interfaced with will power will result in molehill complexities.


My favorite quote:

Stop not till you achieve your goal. – vivekananda.


I have been working in IT for 15 years.  After my MCA 12 years I have in USA.Graduated from Osmania University on 1996.Worked in Sparsh till April 1998,Came to USA on April 1998.Went back to India on 2001 April and set up my own company called Innovative Softech Pvt ltd which did primarily training as a CMC franchise then later on turned into TCIL at 2008.Innovative Softech recently has diverged in s/w development also and operates ,owns 

I worked in IT helping various functions of finance like insurance,Foreign exchange,Fixed Income, Compliance,Regulations,Wealth management,Derivatives (credit,debit,fixed income,Credit Default Swaps,MBS,equity) right now I am working Bank Of America in social banking group.

My Work in PFL

 I joined PFL in 2010 during visit of Shri JP to NJ.I am active volunteer in NJ events and have represented PFL in NATS,NATA,TIFAS,FPC and participated in various programs that will benefit India like Anna Hazare's Anti Corruption in NJ,NY, Participated in panel discussion along with Prashant Bhusan in TimesNow channel. I contested elections in NJ along with others and won the finance seat after a initial tie. I have adopted 2 constituencies North Vizag & Rayadurgam and with help of PFL’ers we have been able to accomplish to garner support for lok satta in far off places. Initially nobody took up these constituencies now these constituencies are crown of our CPP endeavours. We have reached hearts of thousands of people with our efforts. Sulabh complex in North Vizag is serving 600 people but is visible to 40000 people who are affected by open defacation.Raghavayya garu at 85 years who petitioned to govt to be killed is now a happy man with his land and peace back to him. Farmers who were constantly perturbed that nobody is with them is now finding LokSatta behind them in their villages in Rayadurgam. What started with 5 people is now a movement with 80 people expressing their solidarity and more than 20 people who have donated.

My strengths :

When I started a company with idea that we can manage the company from abroad everybody gave me 6 months if I was lucky enough to even start, I have led the company in 2 severe recessions 2002 & 2008 where so many have fallen. My education has been modest(MCA), but my experience has been world class. I also have ability to read through the budgets and income statements of governments and companies and interpret them.

My weakness:

I am new to PFL and don’t know many of you and your way of thinking. I will try to find a middle ground where we can work as a team.

Reason I want to run:

For many years India has seen the same as before Independence, only people who are born to a well to do family, a political family, a powerful family are having chance to get power and create fiefdoms out of that power structure .Riots & Corruption are the results of such endeavors and India has lost so much in that process. Its time we regain what has been lost and I want to help that process by standing for elections, It will be a example for others to also think that even though you dont have to come from a rich family, connected family or powerful family you can run and win if your ideas are required for this society.

I will create a community that will enrich Innovation, enrich the knowledge base, enrich the idea of “possible” in hearts and minds of people. At the end of my term I will see PFL where everybody will feel happy to be recognized by the contribution they make to society, where everybody will have equitable partnership in building PFL and helping Loksatta.

My hobbies include blogging in various Newspapers, doing a TV5 show on events that affect India.

My articles in full are in

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