Krishna Burugapalli


I am the current VP for Memberships for DC chapter and have been an active member of the chapter since 2010. Along with active involvement with several tasks, I’ve taken the initiative to streamline the membership process and worked on redesigning the website and introduced features like auto-renew.

I want to nominate myself as the VP for Memberships at the PFL National Level.

These are my objectives for the next 2 years.

Increase Memberships

I believe the best way and the right way to expand memberships is by executing projects and organizing events. Our new members should come from the event attendees, volunteers and project participants. Membership team should work closely with other PFL teams constantly to increase the memberships.

Membership Packet

PFL and Loksatta should get better visibility and for this we will introduce the concept of Membership Packets. These packets will be sent to all active members after registering and will contain a PFL T-shirt, bumper stickers etc.

Individual Chapter Goals for Memberships

Each year Membership Goals will be set for each chapter based on the Indian Population in their respective areas.


I believe the leadership team should be accountable for the organization and are expected to meet the goals. Emphasis will be placed on accountability for every chapter’s President and Membership VP to ensure that they reach their targets.


I believe that Communication is the key to everything - the better you communicate, the better you understand a person/groups concern. I will be in constant touch will all individual chapter membership VPs and will have monthly conference with all of them. This will foster friendships, and minimize misunderstandings and build a strong team in the long run.

Endorsement from Kiran Indukuri (Central VP for Memberships)

Krishna stood out in our Membership team as a consistent leader, over the past two years. He delivered key

features in our membership infrastructure. He is directly responsible for many new features like setting renewals
for membership, auto welcome letters on membership signup, and notifications to chapter leaders on new member
signup. Krishna is a sincere, committed, leader who will relentlessly pursue a task till its completion. His timely
project completion, has helped PFL in opening up new venues of membership - Lifetime and Student Membership. I
wish him the best.

I fully understand the importance of 2014 elections and all we have left is one year. It is now or never and I believe we can fully develop a strong NRI base to help Loksatta win at least 8 MLA seats in the next elections. I am motivated and strongly believe am capable to prepare us for this mission.

Thank you for taking the time to read my manifesto.

Krishna Burugapalli