Raghuveer Mukkamalla

DC Chapter

Raghuveer Mukkamalla

My Contributions

Am an Executive Member of the Lok Satta Party and have performed duties as the VP for Finance at the DC Chapter Level. These are some of my contributions over the last two years:
  • Designed and maintain kukatpallynow.com to publicize JP's work in his constituency
  • Revamped the donations page of the party's main website (http://loksatta.org/donate/) and made the process smooth and straightforward
  • Currently working on personalizing the donations page for individual leaders
  • Helped Babji garu of Vizag North significantly over the last two years by organizing his donations, website and finances and helped him achieve a standing as a leader of repute
  • Conducted interviews of Madhav Kshatriya and Laxmu Naidu for PFL Leaders website
  • Active member of the DC Chapter - was at the forefront of all our meetings and activities
  • Signed up 10 members to the party during our drive last year
  • Contributed good amount of money for various party activities and for supporting volunteers
My Plans

Finance is the backbone of any organization and more so for PFL as most of the members are geographically distributed. One aspect of the work we do in this area is equivalent to a Sys Admin work in the IT field - it should run so well that nobody should notice you. The other aspect is to maintain and augment a good chunk of money - we should be in a position where we do not back off from any initiative because of not having enough money. 

These are the ideas I have in mind:
  • I will explore how we can increase our donations. The first step is to make it easy for people to give money to us at any event that we organize. The next step is to streamline the process and also emphasize and promote nominal recurring donations
  • As the coming year and the next elections are crucial for Lok Satta, I want to create a framework where we help the party get significant contributions
  • I want to make the filing of taxes and quarterly closing of accounts easy
  • I want to increase transparency to the donors to let them know how their funds are being utilized through newsletters
  • I want better coordination with Memberships and Projects teams so that we work hand-in-hand
Am aware that I have big shoes to fill as a replacement for Dilip Sankarreddy and I promise to maintain the same rigor and standards in the upkeep of PFL.

  • Profession: Senior Analyst in the IT field
  • Family: Married to Chandana, also an IT professional. We have a naughty 6-yr old daughter Dhatri around whom our life revolves
  • Education: Masters in Information Science from Indiana University at Bloomington
  • Other Interests: Quizzing (I run triviabug.com, and was a contestant on Jeopardy! - http://triviabug.com/jeopardy.php), solving cryptic crosswords (The Hindu newspapers'), reading and exploring classics of world cinema