Just brief introduction of myself,

Born and brought up in a Middleclass family, Completed my Engineering in 1998, Masters in 99. Then I joined Infosys, came to U.S. in 2001. I am currently working as a Vice President for Corporate-IT in State Street Corporation. From my child hood I used to participate in many social and volunteering activities. 

In my school I collected rs 5000 (in 9th class) and donated for Bethesda organization. In 10th class I volunteered for working in the educating the old people for reading and writing skills.

In 2004 I was one of the key members in forming thesubhodayam charity organization in U.S. Main initiative was taken by my Uncle Dr. Apparao Poonati and I helped him a lot in establishing the organization. The main motive of the organization was to provide free education for the needy poor people who were dropped out of school or economically very poor.

We adopted 240 students from KhammamNalgonda, Krishna and Guntur districts and provided free education from 8th class till engineering. I feel very happy and thank god for giving me an opportunity to help the needy poor students. Actually I got a bigger gift from God than what I did. I met my wife first time when I was working for Subhodayam organization in India. At that time she was a Dental student and participated as a volunteer for subhodayam activities.


My Association with LokSatta:

Though I am big fan of Dr. JP from long time only from Past one year I am actively participating in Loksatta activities. My best friend Jaidev Paruchuri and another class mate KishoreVandanapu introduced me to the LokSatta party. I worked forOngole By elections campaign. Our team spent lot of team and spoke to students and local people to vote for LokSatta. Though we did not get the expected results I am proud to work with the PFL team. I got the opportunity to meet with some of the PFL pillars like Rajani Karuturi and Srinivas Gullapalli.

Then Last summer I went to india for business trip cum vacation and got the opportunity to visit Engineering colleges in Vijayawada, Machilipatnam and educate students about their social responsibilities and LokSatta party. At the same time I gave them some Career Guidance. Even now I get calls from many of those students.

In last July I went to Loksatta convetions (like plenary meetings) and spent one week with core leaders of the loksatta party. I spoke to each and every individual in that meeting. I met all the district presidents and I had good relationship with them even now. I spent good time with our visionary leader Dr.Jayaprakash Narayan and got inspiration to work harder for our country and party.

I met with HymaDilip and Padma bhupathiraju in those meetings. Hyma was really a great leader and very dynamic. When I talked to Dilip, I felt he was very intellectual and has clear cut picture on what he wants to do. I met almost all the core party leaders like Varma garu,Katari garu,Bobji garu,babu garuMadhav garu, almost every one (I cannot give the full list in one page)

When I came back to U.S I wanted to do something seriously for the party and the opportunity came to me like CPP (Constituency promotion program). I volunteered to lead theSanathNagar CPP team. I am happy to work for this CPP team (though we did not get the expected results immediately) we are half way there. And I am confident that we will reach our goal of winning the SanathNagar CPP.

During the Loksatta membership drive I joined more than 40 members in LSP and I joined 8 new members in PFL.


What I want to do if I am elected as VP Events

  1. Will talk to JP and convince him to visit U.S.A at least yearly once and will co-ordinate the events with local chapters
  2. Will organize the next PFL convention at a grand scale
  3. Will organize more fund raising activities with my vast relations in TANA and other organizations (PFL is really lacking in this)
  4. Will program and organize more PFL events at the college level ( both in USA and INDIA)
  5. I promise to take PFL to the next level.