NJ Chapter volunteer                                      


During Katari’s visit in 2011, NJ chapter organized a picnic.  We saw once again, the same familiar faces from Rejuvenate India 2010.  With their warm welcome, we became a family very quickly. Started working with the team and lots of opportunities opened up…


  1. CPP
  2. Ongole debate series
  3. March 2012 bi-elections
  4. NJ Chapter strengthening
  5. Hyma’s Team
  6. Matlam Project


PFL gave me a huge opportunity to learn and grow.  I was amazed by the contrast with Obama campaign.  With all the calls we made during campaign and debate, I felt much closer to home.  Those college students are still my friends on Facebook and we discuss their future including their personal stories :)


2014 is an election year.  We have lot of challenges a head of us 


  1. Win 4 constituencies picked by CPP
  2. Increase PFL membership
  3. Increase political awareness and social responsibility among Indians in USA
  4. Work effectively with LSP


I got some ideas but do not know how to achieve them all.  But I know we have a committed team that is not afraid to take chances.  We are strong in some areas and not so strong in some.  But as a team we compliment each other.  It’s awesome to become aware of your strengths and weaknesses.


Let’s continue to work together to make this world a better place for everyone.