Kishore Kumar Vandhanapu

Chapter: Washington DC

Contestant for Position: Vice President Projects

I would like to contest for PFL Washington DC Chapter – VP Projects.

My manifesto: I have worked as VP Events in last 2 years. And we have conducted a public event in last summer when Indian LSP delegation visited Washington DC.

In My last India visit:
I have conducted a Anti-corruption seminar in Gandhi engineering college in Kodad town in Nalgonda dist. when I last time visited India. I also participated in ground campaign in Kovvur by elections.

My participation in MLC elections:
Involved in Ashwin4MLC campaign along with Sharat Mangalampally to coordinate donations as PFL volunteer’s effort in calling for voter registration and guiding voters to polling booth on polling day.

My contributions to Sanathnagar’s CPP:
 I am regular contributor to Hyma’s CPP and volunteer for Sanathnagar CPP. 

My mission: 

I would like to see more LSP contestants win in 2014 elections - Dilip/Hyma who left USA to serve party in India. 

Increase PFL and LSP memberships.
Increase PFL volunteers participation from Washington DC chapter to contribute both PFL and LSP success.