Vijaya Lakshmi Gangareddygari

Chapter: New Jersey

Contestant for Position: Vice President, Events


In the year 2002, at the American Telugu Association Convention, I met Dr.Jaya Prakash Narayan  who was there on behalf of FDRI (Foundation for Democratic Reforms in India). Influenced by his every word, I became a member of FDRI.

During the 2010 tour of Rejuvenate India of Dr.JP, I met a group of wonderful people organizing the event in NJ; their enthusiasm and encouragement led me to get involved in PFL. With the help of the team, I was involved in organizing PFL’s NRI voting Rights Campaign at India Day Parade in New York in 2010 and more recently, I have got involved in Hyma’s team and currently contributing my part towards the PFL National Convention 2013 being held in NJ.

With the above experience, support and good will of the team members of PFL NJ chapter, I nominate myself for the position of VP – Event


  1. With the 2014 elections coming up, PFL should become the mirror through which the people overseas shall see the works of Loksatta and also a window through which people can take part in them. With the help of the team, I will work towards conceptualizing and organizing events that would help us reach more people.
  2. The next important aspect would be that of revenue generation through the events. With the guidance and advice of the team members, I shall work towards conceptualizing and organizing events that would turn out to be mutually beneficial to the vendors as well as PFL.
  3. Creating goodwill for PFL, by developing a bonhomie kind of relationship with the other organizations serving causes along our ideologies in various capacities.

With this, I conclude the application for my nomination and hope to receive your continued support.

Thank You.