Santosh Pulluru

Chapter: New Jersey

Contestant for Position: Vice President, Finance



I was actively involved with social service activities since 2006 working with couple of organization which supports for Medical cause and education. But there was some incompleteness  working as a part of NGO’s where in the resources are limited (Man and Money), whereas the citizen needs to be provided with all these minimum resources by Government , during this thought process I came across Loksatta in 2009 before elections which is a perfect match to my ideology.

Since 2009 I am serving PFL and Loksatta. Some of the activities I am engaged with PFL and Loksatta during 2009 elections are phone campaign to voters, MLA campaign, 2009 Election results maps designs on Lok Satta website (election analysis). PFL activities where I actively worked are NRI voting rights, Anti-corruption bill. Also I was one of the active volunteers during Dr.JP rejuvenate India program in NJ, USA.

Now with 2014 elections I want to engage more with PFL/LokSatta by taking the responsibility/role of VP Financial Affairs for NJ chapter.


  • Fund raising for 2014 elections .
  • Increasing Memberships which in turn more funds and new ideas.
  • As a VP to Financial Affairs main primary duty is fund raising, effective utilization of funds and allocating funds to right projects in right direction.