Eswar Kumar Annam

Chapter: New Jersey

Contestant for Position: Vice President, Public relations & Media


1. Attacting new members to PFL using Media
   -> Adding new content to Website 
   -> Publicity using social networks

2. Encouraging existing members of PFL using Media
   --> rejuvenate the energy levels of existing members
   --> Make sure existing members should feel proud to say they are part of PFL

3. Motivate the readers to read Loksatta and PFL
   --> Display the status of current projects/completed projects/pipeline projects. 
       And also takes inputs from readers what their expectations in their region
   --> user friendly website (Present website has lot of content on the main page. )

4. Ticketing create system/forum
   --> Every common can log their request in this forum. Our Loksatta leaders can address users requests. 

5. Welfare activities
   --> Some people may not want to join the party but they want to contribute to welfare activities. 
       This should be considered. why because our main goal is Good Governance

6. Current Affairs
   --> Current policies that are under consideration in our mother land.
   --> NRIs need not goto misleading news channels.