Varma Dantuluri

Chapter: Los Angeles

Contestant for Position: Vice President, Memberships

About me:

I was born and brought up in Kakinada, EGDT. Completed Bachelors in PVR Trust degree college Kakinada. In 2002, moved to Malaysia for starting my professional career in IT. Worked as Microsoft Professional for 4 years in Malaysia and moved to States in 2005. Currently working as Development Manager in one of the reputed company in California.

Lok Satta:

I have started knowing about DR.JP garu since 2008 when I accidentally watched an interview with Karan Thapar on a TV program. Later discovered more about DR.JP and Lok Satta Party, attracted to his ideals. During DR.JP’s visit to States, I happened take lead in Los Angeles event hosting DR.JP and Mr.Vijay Anand. Later Los Angeles chapter officially formed. Played key role in programs like rejuvenate India, Dandi march-2, Lok Satta Times programs.

  • I would like to continue supporting Lok Satta Party by spreading its ideologies to more people in and around southern California.
  • I would like to pull my time for a specific focus on strengthening PFL-LA Chapter by increasing active memberships.
  • I would like to find more and more active supporters and convert them to leaders in PFL organization.
  • I would like to work on generating funds for Lok Satta Party in coming years especially 2014 elections.

  • Would like to see at least LSP wins 10-20 seats in 2014 elections. Will work towards that.