Ramachandra Rao Narra

Chapter: Houston

Contestant for Position: Vice President, Memberships


I have been an active PFL member since 2012. I have been inspired by Dr. Jayaprakash Narayana and believe that he is the only person can make difference in Governance.

I am not having much experience with the PFL activities. But, I am confident and will be able to lead the membership role as I have dealt with the similar activities for our NGO Lakkaraju Garlapadu Foundation.


Lakkaraju Garlapadu Foundation is the NGO belongs to Lakkaraju Garlapadu village.  The people who came out and settled in various cities are decided to form as a group to serve the village.

We as a team completed couple of social services activities for our village. Right now, we are building the safe drinking water project in our village which increases the health of the villagers.

I believe that this role would help me to improve my leadership qualities and utilize my ideas to make difference in the society. I am very conscious that this is the responsibility and not the position.


  1. In this role, I do the following and they are not limited. I will continue adding the things to my list and try my level best in achieving the same.
  2. Increase the membership by organizing programs.
  3. Take proper steps on not to lose existing members
  4. Communicate the PFL details to the members effectively and efficiently.
  5.  Bring more awareness among members and make them aware what difference they can make.
  6. Co-ordinate with other board members.
  7. Contact other chapter VPs timely and follow the best practices if any.
  8. Research the best practices if any at other organizations and implement the same for Houston Chapter.
  9. Get expertize on the policies/views of PFL and Loksatta party to become an active worker in order to give best answers to the difficult queries of members.
  10. Share the ideas of PFL members with Board and implement them accordingly.