Manasa Mahathi

Chapter: Boston

Contestant for Position: Vice President, Memberships


“The more the merrier!” This statement rings true for political parties more than most other groups of people. In democracy, the more people that get involved in the system, the better the change and the faster the outcome. Everything that has been accomplished in history was because of strength that people found in numbers. The recent protests that rocked India after the Delhi rape case that have started a dialogue for change in the country, the Anna Hazare movement that led to the Lok pal bill discussion in Parliament all show that only when we come together, we can accomplish things effectively and bring the necessary change. Arab spring is another such example where tyrannical governments were overthrown when people came together as a whole. Hence, the more members that join Lok Satta party, the more leaders that emerge, the stronger we grow. The more members we have in PFL, the stronger we are and our power becomes visible. My aim will be to bring more people in by showing them what we do on the ground in India and here in the USA. In this day and age where what we see plays a huge role in decision making, I believe using the visual media as a tool to show what we have achieved and focusing more on publicity of our events will gain us valuable new members. Public relations are also crucial to bring more members and I hope I can combine all of these elements in order to achieve effective results. I also want to keep the existing members involved by encouraging their participation in events and debates so that they continue to be a part of us. In short, increasing members via effective use of media and public relations will be my strategy. I hope you will support me.