Manitowoc LGBT History

James Yeadon, a former Manitowoc resident, is a significant figure in Wisconsin LGBT history.  He moved to Manitowoc when in the 9th grade, graduated from Lincoln High School in 1967, and spent his freshman and sophomore years at UW-Manitowoc.  Yeadon was a member of the Madison City Council and was the fourth openly gay elected official in the United States. 

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Yeadon discusses his early years and his life as an activist and a lawyer in Madison. Yeadon talks about being gay in Manitowoc and coming out to his family in the early 70's.  "I think that's what made me vow to be open and honest about myself when I finally came out. I'm going to be myself. I don't want other kids to go through that loneliness, where they think they're the only gay person in the entire world." (3) He is best known for being a political and cultural activist for gay rights in Madison.  Though Yeadon fled Manitowoc for Madison's friendlier environment, PFLAG Manitowoc is pleased to recognize Yeadon's accomplishments, and to claim him as an inspiration. 
Provides a brief biography and links to source materials about Yeadon's career in Madison.  Note that the birth year given here is incorrect.