Box Office    Your tickets will be held for you at the door in your name!

Pass for all Events $48

Gala Night $25
Includes reception from 6-7pm and admission to showing of George (short documentary by Ben Proudfoot) followed by 2 short films and Deanne Foley’s award-winning feature film: An Audience of Chairs.

Saturday (Short Film Competition) $15
Includes admission to the short film competition, during the counting of ballots a showing of 12 Dogs Drive: The Run Home. Winners announced before supper break. 

Saturday Evening $10
Showing of Assholes: A Theory by John Walker, and Off the Beaten Path by Devin Fraser.

Sunday Afternoon $15
Includes admission to an afternoon of films, Conviction, Beautifully Savage, Hopeless Romantic and The King of Fish and Chips.