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The Plan

The more hands-on activities you can offer young minds, the broader and stronger their foundational understanding of God’s world will become.  How you choose those activities and structure them is up to you, but I would recommend looking at your local state and/or individual school standards by subject area to get a better idea of what concepts are universally valuable (most can be found online).   For myself and my son, I chose the following subjects for their significance in providing a well-rounded exposure to the world God has created, and I organized them around the Orton-Gillingham approach to language instruction.  Below, I have listed the resources and ideas that I have pulled from in the weekly lessons for each subject area.  It is crucial to keep in mind that at this age, regardless of what the state/school standards say, the importance is not in the level of content mastered, but in the quality of the content and the foundational life lessons/skills that it provides.
Circle Time
 First 5-10 minutes spent reviewing the following:
Calendar - memorizing days/months, counting dates, memorizing shapes, colors, and patterns of calendar dates
Memory Work - reciting Pledge of Allegiance and Bible verse of the week
Flash Cards/3 Part Drill - reviewing all learned letters/sounds flashcards ( and 3 part drill on drill days)

 Language Arts

 Recipe for Reading (Bloom/Traub) - sequence and instruction for each letter www.orton-gillingham.com - instructional method for phonemes and phonics


Complete Resource Book for Preschoolers (Schiller/Hastings)                                            The Weekly Curriculum (Backer)


 Historical/Biblical topics + quality picture books for each letter of the week


Complete Resource Book for Preschoolers (Schiller/Hastings)                                            The Weekly Curriculum (Backer)


 Picture Studies + art activities for each letter of the week


 Music/P.E. related activities for each letter of the week