RoboCup@Home 2011

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Peter Ford Dominey1, Stephane Lallee1, Anne-lise Jouen1, Maxime Petit1, Pierrick Cheminade1, Gregoire Pointeau1, Carol Madden1Alfredo Weitzenfeld2

1 INSERM U846 Stem Cell and Brain Research Institute, Robot Cognition Laboratory, 18 ave Doyen Lepine, 69675 Bron, France

2 University of South Florida - Polytechnic, 3433 Winter Lake Road, Lakeland, FL 33803

Abstract. Humanoid robots will increasingly interact with humans in the everyday, at home level.  Here we describe the physical and software configuration of our humanoid platform which is being developed in this context of human – robot cooperation.  The research strategy is to use high quality commercially available robot platforms, and software for sensory-motor control, vision, and spoken language processing, in order to provide a high performance baseline system.  From this baseline we then implement human-robot cooperation capabilities inspired by contemporary results in human cognitive development research.  Because much of the technology that we use is off-the-shelf it is robust, versatile and reusable.  Here is the Aldebaran Nao that we will use in the competition (Aldebaran Site Link).

Istanbul 2011 Results:

Highlight - In the Open Challenge, we placed 4th of 19 teams, with the Nao learning in real-time how to help Gregoire clean the table.  The Nao learned a full shared plan by listening to Gregoire, and then learned how to open the box via observation with the Kinect, and how to close the box using physical demonstration.

Here is the INSERM/CNRS press release   

Video from Singapore - the Registration task:  

This is our Technical Description Paper

Video of The Nao Picking up an Object 

Link to Our Scienitific Program 

Link to the Stem Cell and Brain Research Site

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