A very rainy bicycle tour

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 August 7th 2011

Heide, gardener, age 48
Iris, age 66, retired
Road bike Tour to the Pfaffensattel (Austria)
Review of the bike Tour

The author of this review: Iris from Austria - now retired

we liked to repeat the Schneeberg - Wechsel Radmarathon.

We started on a perfect day. Blue sky, like in California.

With the train to Payerbach and then...; started the tour.

We have been climbing the Preiner Gschaid, followed the road to Mürzzuschlag...

No luck: the chain of my bicycle has opened. It looked like our tour is over and we need to check for a train station.

Heide has been pushing me to Spital am Semmering and..., we found another bicyclist, who borrowed us the tool to fix my chain.

Next pass the Pfaffensattel. Unbelievable Steep: 20%.

Still dry...

Next pass: Feistritzsattel

and then: rain, rain, rain!

After a short stop we took the road at the 'Schlagl' and have been riding to Gloggnitz, whereas, we catched a train back to our home town.

Please enjoy the pictures below:

climbing the Preiner Gschaid:


on the way to Pfaffensattel and Climb:


on the way to Feistritzsattel and Climb:


some impressions of the rain...: