Below is a series of articles written by Dr. Lawrence A. Pfaff, author of SELECTPro and a consultant in the areas of employee selection techniques, management development, team building, organizational needs assessment, and performance appraisal.

The articles provide advice on many areas of management including hiring, ethics, interpersonal skills, motivation, time management, and discipline.

Women Versus Men as Managers - Are they different?

In terms of motivating and leading the workforce of today, who is best for the job?  Men or women? There has been a sort of conventional wisdom about male and female managers.  Each supposedly has certain strengths and weaknesses. According to this line of thinking, women tend to be good at such things as communicating, making employees feel empowered and... (read more here)

Ten Commandments of Employee Discharge

Discharging an employee for any reason is always a difficult matter.  Emotionally it is difficult for all parties concerned.  Even when the discharge is justified, it is not easy.  The discharge can be made easier by observing Ten Commandments of Employee Discharge. (read more here)

The Parable of Corporate Change

Once upon a time, a large Estab­lished Company and a small Startup Company decided to have a competitive boat race. Both teams prac­ticed long and hard to reach their peak performance. On the big day, they were as ready as they could be . (read more here.)

Inspiration and Hope

Recently I received an email message that told the story of a person who had overcome adversity.  This was one of those messages that had been forwarded over and over by many people. (read more here)

Find a Spot for Humor in the Workplace

At a recent professional conference I heard local humorist/psychologist Dane Wysocki make a presentation about humor in the workplace. His presentation was... (read more here)

Leadership: What's it all about?

Obviously leadership is a major topic of interest to the general public.  Just go to the local bookstore and each month you will find dozens of new books on leadership.Out of curiosity, I recently asked a number of my friends a simple question: What is leadership? The following is a sampling of the answers I received... (read more here)

Grieving the Loss of a Job

As more organizations deal with the slow economy, there is a tendency toward increased staff reductions.  Although organizations have learned to... (read more here)

Hiring the Best and Avoiding the Rest

Employers today are faced with the difficult problem of finding the best qualified employees among the many job applicants.  In addition, hiring is typically one of the most dreaded duties of managers and business owner... (read more here)

Collaboration in the Workplace: Is it possible?

We often get and give mixed messages in the workplace about collaboration and competition.  In America, we take pride in our competitive approach to...(read more here)

How People Change: Implications for Employee Development

Employee development efforts are fairly consistent from one organization to another.  Typically, development takes a training approach with classroom education as...(read more here)

Change Yourself First!

I was recently speaking with a woman about her “problem” daughter. “She just won’t listen to anything I say,” said the mother.  “I can’t get her to change...(read more here)

Employee Development and Running a Marathon

With organizations undergoing constant pressure from competition, it is essential that employees perform at the highest level possible.  A previous... (read more here)

Manager Attitude

Managers often ask me for advice concerning discipline problems they are having with their employees.  Frequently I discover that the problem in question is not...(read more here)

Work Time and Personal Time: Are they the same?

The Global Economy has had a major impact on the American worker.  To stay globally competitive organizations must be leaner than...(read more here)

Managing your Time and Your Work

How we spend our time today has an impact on where we will be tomorrow.  Whether it is going to school for that advanced...(read more here)

Stop Inspecting and Start Expecting the Best

Motivating employees can seem difficult and nearly impossible at times.  When employees aren’t performing, leaders want to help them...(read more here)

Why Managers Avoid Disciplining Their Employees

Managers often have a difficult time dealing with discipline problems they are having with their employees.  To be more effective at...(read more here)